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FDF E850 UBE Arm Cycle

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Water in their patented Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system provides the sight, sound and feel of real on-water rowing, in all their FluidRowers. The start of every stroke has an instant catch with a silky smooth and consistent load throughout the entire stroke. The ability to adjust your resistance, your range of motion and your speed means you can tailor a FluidRower to meet your fitness and exercise requirements in the safest most effective way possible. The incremental range of Fluid Resistance available from their Twin Tank resistance system is vast. It can cater to the fittest of athletes and can be adjusted to suit a beginner or a patient on a rehabilitation journey. Designed and engineered to outperform all other rowing machines, FluidRowers will provide years of continuous use.

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FDF E850 UBE Arm Cycle

The E850 UBE is an outstanding upper body ergometer that offers versatility for standing or seated use. Suited to high use facilities, the E850 UBE is a popular choice for commercial gym and professional rehabilitation facilities.

The E850 has a fixed arm length and self-levelling ergo handles to ensure instant adaptability for high volume use and group fitness. The seat can be adjusted at the turn of a level and moved to the rear of the platform for standing usage.

Offering 10 levels of Fluid Resistance, the E850 UBE boasts FDF’s patented Adjustable Fluid Resistance, offering both forward and backward cycling for total muscle engagement. Designed for compound exercise of the upper body and core stability in standing mode the E850 upper body ergo is a highly motivating piece of gym cardio equipment.



  • 10 levels of patented Adjustable Resistance.
  • High visibility yellow adjustment knobs and levers.
  • Operates in both forward and reverse directions for complete muscle engagement.


  • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port: The IPM displays: time; speed; distance; stroke rate; calories per hour; watts; level, pacer, and has a heart rate receiver built in.
  • The IPM gives you quick start, manual programs, interval training, USB port allows interactive programming.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Auto start
  • Time - Elapsed time
  • Level - Auto to selected resistance level
  • Watt - Unit of power + RPM – Revolutions per minute
  • Power Graphs - 2 Options
  • Heart rate – Polar compatible. Built in.
  • Calories burned per hour


  • Wide foot supports ensure a solid platform for any size user to maintain total stability during exercise.


  • Seated, or standing position. Standing position allows you to workout your core as you work out your upper body.
  • The seat is movable, with user in places, to allow correct exercise position and easy access to and egress from the machine.
  • The seat can be removed to facilitate full access onto the standing platform.
  • Contoured ‘soft-touch’ seat with lumbar support.


  • Self-levelling, comfortable ergonomic hand grips reduce wrist torque.
  • The main Arm adjusts from horizontal to vertical with the internal gas-assist mechanism. The grip can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal to target your biceps, triceps, back or shoulders.




      This product is designed and constructed for use in any Health Club / Fitness Studio application.

      FIRST DEGREE FITNESS Limited warrants that the E650 Arm Cycle UBE, purchased from an authorized agent and in its undamaged original packaging, is free from defects in materials and workmanship. FIRST DEGREE FITNESS Limited or its agent will, at their discretion, repair or replace parts that become defective within the warranty period, subject to the specific inclusions and exclusions below.

      Metal Frame – 10 Year Limited Warranty

      FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace the Metal Main Frame of the Rower should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 10 years of the original purchase. Warranty does not apply to frame coating.


      Polycarbonate Tank & Seals – 5 Year Limited Warranty

      FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace the polycarbonate tank or seals should they fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 5 years of the original purchase.


      Mechanical Components (of a non-wearing nature) – 2 Year Limited Warranty

      FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace any mechanical component should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 2 years of the original purchase.


      All Other Components (of a wearing nature) – 1 Year Limited Warranty FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace any component should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 1 year of the original purchase.

      Specific Inclusions

      • Hand Grip Assemblies
      • All Rubber Components
      • Computer & Speed Sensor (excluding replaceable batteries)
      • All Drive Belts & Chains
      • Crank Arms
      • All Pulleys, Rollers & Bearings

      General Exclusions

      • Damage to the finish of any part of the machine
      • Damage due to neglect, abuse, incorrect assembly or use of the machine
      • Any charges for freight or customs clearance associated with the return or dispatch of parts
      • Any damage to or loss of goods during transport of any kind
      • Any labour cost associated with a warranty claim

      General Conditions

      • The serial number of the machine must be correctly registered with FIRST DEGREE FITNESS Limited or one of its appointed distributors
      • FIRST DEGREE FITNESS Limited reserve the right to examine any part where replacement is claimed under warranty
      • Warranty period applies only to the original purchaser from the date of purchase and is not transferable
      • The product must be returned to your place of purchase in original packaging with transportation, insurance and associated charges paid for by you and risk of loss or damage assumed by you
      • FIRST DEGREE FITNESS makes no other warranties except as stated here and expressly disclaims all warranties not stated in this warranty. Neither FIRST DEGREE FITNESS nor its associates shall be responsible for incidental or consequential damages
      • Manufacturer's warranty automatically commences upon sale of the product to end user or upon the expiration of one (1) year from month of manufacture, whichever occurs first

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      If you are accustomed to the natural catch and feel of actual on-water rowing, you will immediately appreciate FDF’s adjustable Fluid Resistance technology with its unrivalled emulation of propelling a boat through the water. The sight, sound and feel of the water churning through the rowing machine’s fluid resistance tanks are almost cathartic; your senses will make you think could be rowing down the river.

      Similar to rowing a boat, FDF’s rowing machine’s patented adjustable fluid resistance tanks generate a smooth and uniform stroke unrivalled in its precise replication, including no lag of resistance at the catch, and continued resistance all the way to the finish. This is just one of the many reasons FDF’s adjustable Fluid Resistance rowers are the most comparable to an on-water rowing experience.

      The water in our active resistance tank (outer tank) acts as a brake to hold back the multi-bladed impeller, the more water in the active resistance tank the higher the braking effect. The water in the active tank isn’t all staying in the active tank during the exercise (at any level), some of it is always being cycled through the passive holding tank (inner tank). As you attempt to generate more power by increasing your speed, the water cycles faster between the Twin Tanks at a greater and greater rate to maintain a consistent amount of water in the tanks. This creates such a unique smooth action and at virtually any speed.

      Air resistance works in a similar way, however the variation in the load that is possible by restricting air flow to an impeller does not create distinctly different levels of resistance, this is very obvious at low speeds.

      At high speeds, the two mediums, water and air, start to feel similar except for one very crucial difference that makes adjustable Fluid Resistance so unique. When rowing, the drive phase is followed by a recovery phase, during the recovery phase air does not provide the braking force that the water in our  tanks does. At the catch or beginning of the next drive phase, the air machine impeller has higher momentum and that creates the soft or no load pick up that you feel at the catch.

      Essentially the resistance on an air machine can not be felt again until your speed catches up to the flywheel and you start to apply a greater force against which the air will resist. These differences are so easy for you to test for yourself, compare an FDF FluidRower against any air or water based rowing machine and you will quickly see why our patented Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system is so different; the firm catch, the smooth stroke and the consistent load, that all come together in the FluidROWER.


      Other indoor water rowers don’t allow for controlled or adjustable resistance, limiting progression in fitness development. Being able to change resistance mid-workout is a unique benefit of FDF’s patented adjustable Fluid resistance technology, allowing resistance changes at the turn of a dial. This unique, patented feature suits all fitness levels and applications suitable for general fitness through to professional athlete and medical rehabilitation. Being able to adjust the resistance level make it perfect for group training, where multiple users of differing fitness levels can be catered for, and for interval training.


      FDF’s precision engineered, marine grade stainless steel impeller and internal tank baffles maintain resistance throughout the entirety of the rowing action.

      The combination of a multi-bladed impeller and internal baffles within the rowing machine’s water tank, delivers a smooth uniform stroke unrivalled in its precise replication of actual on-water rowing. There is no lack of resistance at the catch, which is experienced on all other water resistance rowers; meaning that consistent resistance is delivered all the way to the finish, just like in a boat.

      This smoother stroke resistance profile ensures the whole body works more throughout each stroke, without the intimidating high peak resistance experienced by other water based indoor rowing machines.


      FDF’s patented Twin Tank allows variable volumes of water to move between tanks as the user makes resistance adjustments, ranging from feather light to Olympic sprint. This is what we call adjustable Fluid Resistance.

      With FDF’s patented twin tanks, you can adjust Fluid Resistance while maintaining a steady stroke rate. Other rowing machines and water ergometers are less flexible, with their single chamber water tank requiring the user to row much faster or slower to change resistance.


      Designed by professionals, engineered by craftsmen, manufactured and constructed to last long after the workout has finished. FDF FluidRowers, FluidExercise Upper Body Ergometers and FluidPowerZone machines are built to endure the hardest workout.

      Compare the manufacturing quality, form and function, side by side with any other brands, and the choice is obvious. Value for money products, that represents an investment in your fitness future, is the FDF hallmark. Learn more about the First Degree Fitness quality guarantee.

      Active Area

      Rower Dimension

      Compact Footprint2160mm x 1620mm (85.04 x 63.78”)
      Upright Storage1400mm x 1020mm (55.12 x 40.16”)
      Product SizeL 1560mm (61.42”) x W 1020mm (40.16”) x H 1400mm (55.12”)
      Max User Weight150kg (330lbs)

      Shipping Dimensions - Box 1

      Size1170 x 770 x 780mm (46.06 x 30.31 x 30.71”)
      Net Weight89.5kg (197.26lb)
      Gross Weight108kg (238.03lb)
      Cubic Metres0.703 (24.81 cubic feet)

      Shipping Dimensions - Box 2

      Size1190 x 780 x 125mm (46.85x 30.71 x 4.92”)
      Net Weight30.58kg (67.42lb)
      Gross Weight33.2kg (73.19lb)
      Cubic Metres0.116 (4.1 cubic feet

      Manufacturer Warranty applies to purchases of any product at Ambient Home

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