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Summer Sale! Free Shipping* + No Sales Tax (excl. IL) on All Products
Summer Sale! Free Shipping* + No Sales Tax

Auxx Lift


Auxx Lift manufactures affordable, durable, and convenient garage/attic storage systems. Our motorized lifting platform maximizes the overhead storage potential of your garage. Push button UP/DOWN and lower/raise our patented system. The only system tested to UL-Standards with 4x the rated weight.

Auxx-lift developed its garage storage lift Auxx 1400 to make a fast, safe and easy access to your items possible. After years of development and design revisions they decide to offer their storage system with a wireless remote to make the operation even more convenient and state of the art while keeping the same low price. Moreover, they are committed to provide the most high-quality products at the most affordable price. Auxx-Lift is offered in two weight capacities 400lbs and 600lbs, and a variety of sizes to fit your garage.