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The Two Best Walk-in Tubs for Tall People

For many homeowners, a great alternative to the traditional bathtub is the walk-in tub. There are several design features that set apart a walk-in tub from standard tubs, including the many options specific to these tubs that usually come with them.  

You may have heard of walk-in tubs, but you may be concerned that because you're a taller person they won't fit you. Many standard walk-in tubs are not suitable for taller bathers, but there are several different models designed just for those greater in height.

What is a Walk-in Tub


Ella's Bubbles Elite - Acrylic Inward Swinging Door Walk-In Tub (29.75″W x 52″L) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient HomeA walk-in tub is different from a traditional tub in many ways. First of all, there is a watertight sealed door in the middle of the wall in the side of a walk-in tub. This door permits easy entry in and out of the tub, and it is also safer for those with mobility issues or who are aging in place.

Walk-in tubs come with a bunch of different features and options, but they usually come standard with a few stock items as well. You will usually find anti-slip textured floors, built-in grab bars, a quick drain to remove the water from your tub within minutes, and more standard, in your average best soaking tub.

Walk in tubs also tend to have higher walls that submerge the bather fully in water, and have seats that you sit in rather than lay down fully in the tub. There is also a bathtub for tall person design in some, which we will look at here.

Features of Walk-in Tubs

Some of the features that you will find in a walk-in tub make them different than standard tubs in important ways. What's take a look at some of the different features that you can find in walk-in tubs.

Anti-Slip Textured Floors

Ella's Bubble ShaK Outward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub 36″W x 72″L (91cm x 183cm) OA3672 - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

There are many different types of floors in tubs, but walk-in tubs are designed with safety in mind. The floors in walk-in tubs have a textured surface that is designed to prevent slipping and falling when you are in the tub using it. These anti slip textured floors are best used with a bath mat outside the tub door on the floor to prevent slipping and falling when entering and exiting the tub.

Grab Bars

Ella Ultimate Walk-in Tub - Acrylic Walk-In Tub (29.75″W x 59.75″L) with Hydro & Air Jets & Foot Massage - Ella's Bubbles - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

Grab bars are used in walk-in tubs for those with mobility issues or who have disabilities. You can use the bars to grab onto to maneuver your body when moving around in the tub. This also prevents slipping and falling and accidents within the tub when you are taking a bath.

Many tubs come with either one or two different grab bars in the tub at different heights and positions in the tub. 

Quick Drain

Quick draining in a walk in tub is imperative for most bathers. There is usually one or two gravity fed drains within a walk-in tub that will drain the water out of the tub within 60 seconds to 2 minutes. This feature allows for a quick exit from the tub when the water gets cold. 

Inline Heater

For those who have massage options, some of them include inline heaters that will keep the water in your tub warm without having to drain the tub and refill it. Inline heaters come as an option for many tubs and are ideal if your home setup does not have a large enough water heater to accommodate the use of your tub.

Shower Options

Many walk in tubs also come with shower options and there are shower kits you can get for the tub as well. Showering options for some models in many cases consist of a handheld unit that is included in the tub design. Shower options are ideal for those who want to take a quick shower rather than a long soaking tub experience.

Sometimes you just want to get clean and not actually use the therapeutic benefits of a soaking experience, and shower options make that possible.

Massage Options

There are options available in many tubs for massage therapy. This comes in a variety of different forms including hydrotherapy massage, air bubble massage, independent foot massage, and infusion microbubble therapy massage. 

These massage options are available at a higher price, but you will find that they are indispensable for those who want the health benefits that come with them. Some of the conditions that massage options will improve include insomnia, arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, body aches, sports injuries, and they can even improve symptoms of the common cold and flu, and even Covid-19.

You will find more on the available massage options for the units that we are reviewing below.

Bathtub Size Requirements for Taller People

If you are a taller person, you will need larger size bathtubs for tall people, not what you will find in a standard walk-in tub. Most walk-in tubs are usually smaller than 60 inches in length. Not so with a bathtub for a taller bather. Walk-in tubs for taller people tend to be over 70 inches in length and will accommodate the larger body of someone with great height.

These tubs are designed for athletes, specifically basketball players or others with tall frames. Those who are taller in height will find it very uncomfortable to use walk-in tubs that are designed for regular sized bodies. That is why those who have greater height have had specially designed oversized bathtubs made just for them.

Options with Tubs

There are several different options that you can get for massage for your walk-in tub model. Hydrotherapy massage, air bubble massage, and infusion microbubble massage are options for the above tubs you can get to provide an optimal therapeutic experience. 

Hydrotherapy Massage

The hydro massage system includes a hydro pump with inline water heater, hydromassage intensity dial control, eco-friendly ozone sterilization system, and strategically positioned hydro jet system for effective and targeted massaging.

Inline water heater will maintain the water temperature at a constant level while you are taking a bath. The ozone sterilization system eliminates a wide variety of microbiological, organic, and inorganic bacteria from your jet lines.

The hydrotherapy massage system uses an on/off push button control. However, a small digital controller is also available for the combination hydrotherapy and air bubble massage package.

Air Bubble Massage

The air massage air jet massage system includes a 3 speed variable push control, air pump, and auto purge system to maintain the air system so it is free of buildup. It also includes strategically positioned air jets for optimal therapeutic relief. This massage system is more gentle than a standard hydrotherapy massage and it may be suitable for some more sensitive bathers.

Infusion Microbubble Therapy

These models have an optional infusion microbubble therapy system that is made up of a single jet that is connected to a microbubble tank system and hydro pump. The high pressure hydro pump used with the micro bubble tank will break down water molecules into hundreds of billions of tiny Bubbles which are sent through the single jet.

You can use a push on-off button to control for this feature, and the infusion microbubble therapy can provide an exfoliating, moisturizing experience that relieves and detoxifies skin related issues.

Excellent Walk-in Tubs for Taller Bathers

These tubs are designed specifically for big and tall people. These oversized bathtubs are made just for the tall person. The best bathtub choices for taller bathers are listed below:

Ella's Bubble ShaK Outward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub 36″W x 72″L


Ella's Bubble ShaK Outward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub 36″W x 72″L (91cm x 183cm) OA3672 - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home


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This model of this walk-in tub is fabricated with a premium acrylic white high glossy finish. The tub is supported with a stainless steel frame that comes with adjustable leveling legs and is reinforced with fiberglass gelcoat layers. The acrylic surface of this freestanding tub is non-porous and is impermeable to mold and mildew and it's always easy to clean.

For safety there is a low step in threshold with a textured floor in a wall-mounted stainless steel grab bar with a chrome finish, along with two other white rubberized stainless steel grab bars that are mounted on the wall.

The ShaK is the largest single seat freestanding acrylic bathtub in the entire world built just for the tall person. This tall person bathtub has never been seen before and is designed specifically for athletes or bathers who are who are 6 ft 5 in tall or taller.

The main feature is the door which is made from an industrial grade durable composite material and features a decorative tempered glass screen that conceals the mechanical door lock system of this best soaker tub.

The tub measures 36 in wide by 72 inch long and has a large 29 in seat. The outwardly swinging door also has more interior space which permits bathers enter the molded seat area, pull the door closed, and completely lock it.

It also comes with hydro massage system, independent hydro foot massage system, air massage system, and an infusion microbubble therapy system. All of these systems have strategically placed jets that blow water, or air and water from all places around the tub.

An auto purge feature in the air massage system will engage 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off that will automatically purge the air jet lines. You can also get a digital controller if you get both the hydrotherapy massage and the air massage system combined.

Ella's Bubbles Lounger – Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtub


Ella's Bubbles Lounger – Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtub (26.75″W x 59″L) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home



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Ella's Bubbles acrylic walk-in tubs are formed in a vacuum from a solid long-lasting acrylic sheet. This non-porous material has a high glossy finish that is impermeable to mildew and mold and very easy to clean.

Just under the acrylic shell of this soaking bathtub lies a rust proof stainless steel frame that is carefully reinforced with multiple fiberglass mesh and gel coat layers which provide an exceptionally durable tub structure.

The frame of the tall bathtub has multiple leveling legs which can be easily adjusted for strong support. One of the main features of the tub is a U-shaped outwardly swinging door made with an industrial grade composite material that is exceptionally durable with a tempered glass screen that conceals the mechanical door lock system.

Like most bathtubs by Ella's Bubbles the lounger comes with a unique dual drain technology that consists of two 2 in gravity-driven drains which permits fast drainage that is reliable. This wonderful soaker tub this design for taller bathers who require additional legroom in extra hamstring support. 

The lounger freestanding bathtub comes with multiple massage system options including a hydrotherapy massage system, independent hydro foot massage system, and air massage system.

The air massage system has an auto purge feature that engages within 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off that automatically purges water out of the air jet lines to prevent bacteria buildup.

The massage systems consist of strategically placed hydro and air jets that deliver optimal therapeutic relief. Also available is the smaller digital controller for the combination air and hydrotherapy massage system.

All Ella's tubs come with a limited lifetime warranty that is extended to the first-person purchaser in the original location.

To learn more about walk-in tubs check out our walk-in tubs resources page!