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3 Best Jetted Walk-in Tubs with Health Benefits

If you're a homeowner who is aging, disabled, or otherwise has mobility issues, you may want to consider getting a walk-in tub. Walk-in tub manufacturers are constantly improving their products, and the result is often a modern miracle of beauty and functionality. You may wonder "what are walk-in tubs"?

What are Walk-in Tubs?

Walk-in tubs have certain distinct features that are different from traditional tub. They are easy to access, with a door in the middle of them, and many of them are wheelchair-accessible tubs. There are other design features that set walk-in bathtubs apart, such as having a seat, a greater depth of water, and built-in safety features such as anti-slip textured surface floors and built-in grab bars.

You don't have to have mobility issues to enjoy the benefits of a walk-in tub as they are more comfortable than standard tubs in many regards, and one of the features that many love to engage in is frolicking under hydro and air jets. And, many come with a lifetime warranty.

What are Hydro and Air Jets?

Hydrotherapy is in ancient medical practice. People have been using water to rejuvenate themselves since the beginning of time. Modern walk-in tubs use hydro and air jets to massage the body and relieve pain from a variety of conditions.

Hydro Jets use a pump to circulate water at high speeds on the surfaces of the body of the bather. Air jets circulate a combination of air mixed with water in much the same way. With many walk-in tubs, hydro jets and air jets are options that you can purchase when your tub is ordered.

The Benefits of Hydro and Air Jets

Many people use the walk-in tubs just to relax at the end of a hard day, but for those who are aging in place or have disabilities or medical conditions, the effect of hydro and air jets built into walk-in bathtubs can be miraculous.  

 Modern walk-in tubs use different hydro jets and air jets (or both in combination massage tubs) to massage the body and relieve pain from a variety of conditions. Using walk-in tubs with jets can be part of a medical regimen and is a bona fide therapy for all kinds of ailments.

Conditions Hydro and Air Jets Relieve

There are a variety of different maladies that the human body will undergo as it gets older or just occur otherwise. Some of these include stiff joints, tight muscles, lower back pain, and symptoms associated with sciatica and arthritis.

Walk-in tubs with jets are known to alleviate the symptoms of certain conditions, including but not limited to insomnia, joint pain, muscle stiffness, poor circulation, rheumatism, stress, diabetes, circulatory diseases, fibromyalgia, and headaches.  

The Best 3 Walk-in Tubs with Jets

Here we are going to review some walk-in tub models with jets that are popular and are of very high quality.  The following walk-in tubs with jets are known to be engineered with state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology combined with functional practicality.

    All of the best walk-in tubs with jets in the following selection have been carefully vetted to assure the best experience possible. Let's take a look at these top of the line tubs from Ella's Bubbles, one of the top walk in tub companies below:

    Ella’s Bubbles Ultimate Walk-in Tub with Hydro & Air Jets & Foot Massage

    Ella Ultimate Walk-in Tub - Acrylic Walk-In Tub (29.75″W x 59.75″L) with Hydro & Air Jets & Foot Massage - Ella's Bubbles

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    Ella's Bubbles is one of the finest walk in tub companies. This wonderful walk-in tub has some really wonderful features and comes complete with a lifetime warranty for the door, frame, and shell. Ella's Ultimate features Dual Drain Technology (DDT) is designed with two (2) independently operated 2-inch gravity-driven drains so that you can rapidly drain your tub when the water becomes cooler and you can then exit quickly.

     The quality construction of this walk-in bathtub is without question, but what really makes it special is the optional hydro massage and air massage systems. You can get either of these jetting upgrades or both of them for the ultimate therapeutic relief that you have long sought.

    Hydro & Air Massage Jet System Options

    The hydro massage system in this model has a number of useful features. The system includes a hydro pump that has an inline water heater, a hydro-massage intensity dial control, and eco-friendly ozone sterilization. This system also features a hydro-jet system that is strategically positioned to target different areas of your body for effective massaging with an on-off push control.

    A second hydro pump is also located near the upper jet areas for additional power. The hydro-massage intensity dial control permits you to adjust the power of the water stream by introducing more or less air into the hydro system. The ozone sterilization and inline water heater engage automatically when you use the hydro massage push control when you turn on your jets.

    The air-massage system has some great features, including a total of seventeen (17) air jets placed strategically in order to provide optimal therapeutic relief. Placed thoughtfully, these jets have nine (9) upper fixed flat jets that work to create relief for your back, thighs, and hips, and then there are an additional eight (8) jets positioned in the lower foot area which deliver a soothing massage to your feet and calves. Three (3) of the upper jets are bidet jets.

    Ella's Bubbles Elite - Inward Swinging Door Walk-In Tub 

    This is the premiere edition of Ella's Bubbles best walk-in tubs, and there are a host of features for this model that fit the average size bather. Several upgrades now come standard such as a patented swivel tray, a contoured high-gloss shell (easy to clean), a wider 21 3/4-inch molded seat and backrest, and an attractively brushed stainless steel tub door complete with frosted tempered glass.  


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    This model sports a high-end look and was painstakingly engineered with a solid rust-proof stainless steel frame and adjustable leveling legs. Other features include an anti-slip textured floor and two separate safety grab bars that are mounted on the deck; an excellent choice for those with mobility issues. This model also includes hydro and air massage options that make it unbeatable. Some other features include:

    • Grade A high-quality acrylic construction
    • Outstanding color uniformity
    • High-gloss white finish
    • Reinforced with fiberglass
    • Made with a stainless steel frame
    • Low threshold step-through for easy access
    • Removable door for easy cleaning
    • Reversible end panel
    • Stainless steel door, door frame, and door seal gasket with tempered glass
    • 2 safety grab bars for wall and deck mounting
    • Removable white rubber back support
    • 360-degree swivel tray, removable
    • 4 removable access panels
    • Can be used in freestanding installations

      Hydro & Air Massage Jet System Options

      The optional hydro massage system features a hydro pump including an inline water heater, a hydro-massage intensity dial control, eco-friendly ozone sterilization, and the hydro jet system that is strategically positioned to target your body for effective therapeutic massage with an on-off push control. Push controls of the walk-in tub are designed to rise at the deck level for easier push to touch to achieve simple on-off action.

      This Ella' Bubbles model features fourteen (14) hydro jets that are strategically placed in order to provide optimal therapeutic relief while bathing. A total of ten (10) fixed flat design jets are located in the upper area, which operate constantly to give you needed relief for your hips, thighs, and back. There are also four (4) adjustable jets in the lower area that will massage your feet and calves, providing healing hydrotherapy.

      The air-massage system in this model includes an air pump with a variable 3-speed push control and an air jet system that is strategically positioned for optimal therapeutic relief. The Ella Elite has sixteen (16) air jets that are strategically placed and are designed to deliver real therapeutic relief while bathing. A total of six (6) air jets in the upper seat area massage your thighs and lower back, with two (2) bidet jets also featured.

      You can order both hydro and air massage options, and there is a digital controller available if you bundle both.

      Ella's Bubbles - The Companion Two-Seat Walk-In Bathtub

      Ella's Bubbles The Companion Two-Seat Inward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home
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      This is a walk-in bathtub built for two, indeed, this is the first-ever walk-in tub designed for two bathers. When evaluating this walk-in tub, please consider all the measurements and specifications to make sure this will be a good fit before you order. This model of tub measures 60-inches long and 32-inches wide and is designed to fit within a 60-inch standard alcove opening.

      Ella's Bubbles walk-in tubs are vacuum-formed from a long-lasting solid acrylic sheet made of non-porous material with a white gloss finish that is easy to clean that withstands mildew and mold. This model of walk-in tub is designed for small or average-sized bathers and offers one 24 1/2-inch and one 23-inch wide seat. Some other features include:

      • 24.5-inch wide seat and a 23-inch wide seat
      • Two different therapeutic jetting package options available
      • 20 hydro jets, 7 per seat with 6 floor jets
      • 14 air jets, 6 per seat with 4 floor jets 
      • A reversible end panel for right or left corner installation

        Hydro & Air Massage Jet System Options

        The hydro massage system for this model of walk-in tub comes complete with an inline water heater, hydro-massage intensity dial control, eco-friendly ozone sterilization system, and a strategically positioned hydro-jet system for effective and targeted massage.

        Ella's Companion has twenty (20) hydro jets that are strategically placed in order to provide optimal therapeutic relief; fourteen (14) upper fixed jets and seven (7) lower jets work diligently to massage your hips, thighs, and back while six (6) adjustable lower jets massage your calves and feet.

        The air jet massage system has sixteen (16) air jet assemblies strategically placed with six (6) per seat that draws in air and blows it in the water to create a relaxing, gentle massage. Four (4) jets located in the lower foot area provide a soothing massage to your legs and feet, with two (2) of the six upper being bidet jets (with one (1) bidet jet per seat) for incredible therapeutic relief.

        Jetting and Therapy Options Available

        Two jetting therapy systems are available for these walk-in tubs, including 1. hydrotherapy & infusion micro-bubble therapy massage & air-jet massage and 2. hydrotherapy & infusion micro-bubble therapy massage & air-jet massage & independent foot massage.

        Interested in Walk-in Tubs?


        A walk-in tub is a considerable investment usually, yet one that will pay serious dividends for your health. There are a number of factors you have to consider before you purchase a walk-in tub.

        When you sit down to evaluate walk-in tubs, make a list of the different needs that you have for them, writing down each on a sheet of paper. When you have completed your list, compare your needs to the features of various models of walk-in tubs and write the names, features, and prices of each of them. Compared to other walk in tubs, Ella's Bubbles is the go-to walk in tub company.

        When you have a shortlist of the walk-in tubs that meet your needs, consider the cost of each individual model and what you can afford. Walk in tubs cost may initially seem to be considerable to many, but the benefits of having one are immeasurable.  

        Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest and most natural therapeutic treatments known to man, and many walk in bathtubs have a lifetime warranty. The benefits are measurable and tangible, and you will find the potential relief you will feel every day from having a walk-in tub with jets is well worth the modest investment.

        To learn more about walk-in tubs, check out our resource page and our walk-in-tub buying guide!