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Bendpak GrandPrix GP-7 7,000 Lbs 2-Post Lift w/ 150” OA Height / 78" Lifting Height (5175992)

by Bendpak
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BendPak is the world's most accessible car lift and automotive service equipment manufacturer. They offer the highest quality products, best service after the sale and most impressive delivery speeds, all while holding fast to the strongest company culture in the industry. They are the world’s leading automotive service equipment provider for the last 50 years.

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Bendpak GrandPrix GP-7 7,000 Lbs 2-Post Lift w/ 150” OA Height / 78" Lifting Height (5175992)

Our standard-height GP-7 is fit for garages with 13' ceilings and offers a full 78" max rise. These dimensions are similar to standard-size two-post lifts, but the GP-7 offers a much slimmer profile than other lifts. This makes it ideal for narrow bays or garages looking to fit more lifts in limited space.

Full Height and Slim Posts Save Space

With its small footprint, optimal lifting height, speedy lifting times and incredible safety features to guarantee your protection, the GP-7 is a clear-cut revolution in engineering. It all starts with the design. The super-slim car lift columns are capable of lifting up to 7,000 lbs. with incredible ease. In fact, vehicles will reach a max lifting height of 78" twice as fast as other lifts. This is possible thanks to a hydraulic cylinder that runs through the overhead crossbar, which acts in tandem with dual aircraft lifting cables to provide lifting force from two sources. For every inch of cylinder extension, the lift carriage rises 2 inches. The obvious benefit of this is reduced downtime and faster turnaround. We don't have to tell you that means higher profits and happier techs.

More lift, less steel

This lift is tailor-made for both commercial shops and home garages with high ceilings. The thinner posts won't take up much space as your other equipment, making it perfect for lifting low-clearance cars and light trucks while your other lifts handle the heavy-duty business.

Four lifting cables

The quad cable system is another exclusive feature of the GP-7. While two cables act as part of the lifting process, the others are simply redundant backups in the worst-case and entirely unlikely case that the other(s) should fail, develop slack or break. The GrandPrix is so well designed that lifting procedures would be completely uninterrupted. That means two cables could be entirely dysfunctional and the GrandPrix would experience zero negative effects. No other car lift combines safety and efficiency in such a slim profile. Kind of remarkable, don't you think?

Single overhead cylinder

Other two-post lifts feature dual hydraulic cylinders, one in each column. These cylinders are the reason lift columns are so wide—the steel has to accommodate the hydraulics. Since the GP-7 has only one cylinder overhead and uses four cables to assist with lifting, we could significantly reduce the width of the columns. If using half the amount of cylinder force seems like we're "cheating," consider this: ALI Certified four-post lifts generally use a single cylinder as well, and they use two lifting cables, whereas the GP-7 uses four! If anything, this lift doubles down on its safety precautions.

Bi-metric arms

These incredible versatile arms permit both symmetric and asymmetric loading. Some prefer more door clearance when they load vehicles, so the Bi-metric design permits asymmetric angling. Other prefer center-loading, so the symmetric angles may be more desirable. This dual-configuration approach lets you choose how you load a car based on the space available to you.


  • 7,000-lb lifting capacity
  • Telescoping Low-Pro™ arms for sports cars
  • Bi-metric asymmetric & symmetric arm configuration
  • Lowered arm tube supports
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Single release-point operation
  • Taller lift carriages
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Single hidden hydraulic cylinder
  • (2) redundant safety cables
  • Multiple lock positions


GP-7 specs diagram


  • Lifting Capacity*:7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)
  • *Max Capacity / Front Axle:3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg)
  • *Max Capacity / Rear Axle:3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg)


  • A - Rise: 74.5" (1,892 mm)
  • B - Rise + Pad Only: 78" (1,981 mm)
  • C - Rise + Pad + 63 mm Adapter: 86.5" (2,197 mm)
  • D - Min. Height + Pad: 4.5" (114 mm)
  • Time to Full Rise: 55 seconds

Outside Dimensions

  • E - Height Overall: 150" (3,810 mm)
  • F - Width Overall: 125" (3,175 mm)
  • G - Outside Columns: 119.5" (3,035 mm)

Inside Dimensions

  • H - Inside Columns: 110" (2,794 mm)
  • I - Drive-Thru Clearance: 89.5" (2,273 mm)
  • J - Floor To Overhead Switch: 140" (3,556 mm)

Arms & Pads

  • K - Front Arm Reach: (MIN) 26" (660 mm)
  • K - Front Arm Reach: (MAX) 42" (1,067 mm)
  • L - Rear Arm Reach: (MIN) 28" (711 mm)
  • L - Rear Arm Reach: (MAX) 47.5" (1,207 mm)
  • Max Load Per Arm: 1,750 lbs. (794 kg)

Power Unit

  • Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Noise: 45 dB


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