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Sojag Valencia Gazebo Review

Many homeowners would love to spend time in their backyard or other areas on their property, but they dread weather conditions that would put a damper on the festivities. One great way to overcome the elements and spend time outdoors on your property is to install a gazebo.

A gazebo is a structure that has an awning or roof and columns on each corner of it that extends into the air and will provide shelter to those who are beneath it. There are many different gazebos in the marketplace today, and the Sojag Valencia gazebo remains one of the best models available in the world.

Sojag Valencia Gazebo Reviews

Here we are going to review the Sojag Valencia gazebo and describe some of the features and benefits that you will find in this outstanding model. Let's take a look at that description of this gazebo and a list of its features here below:

Sojag Valencia Gazebo

Sojag™ 12 x 12 ft. Valencia Wood Finish Gazebo with Mosquito Netting - Sojag Gazebo - Ambient Home
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If you've been considering getting a gazebo for your backyard for entertaining with bug free outdoor privacy, perhaps you've considered one made of wood material. Wood material gazebos are exceptionally expensive, however, there is a more affordable alternative.

The attractive, strong Valencia aluminum patio gazebo has a beautiful elegant look similar to a wood gazebo at a fraction of the cost. The gazebo is sturdy and will bring a contemporary modern look to any backyard space with bug free outdoor privacy, all the while keeping your guests and family, and others protected from the elements to enjoy themselves.

The sturdy Valencia gazebo can also turn your deck or patio into a beautiful outdoor dining area and also can make a great Cabana for your poolside. You can enjoy outdoor privacy with the optional privacy curtains and mosquito netting to keep you safe from those little buggers.

The Sojag Valencia gazebo can become the centerpiece of your backyard space and provide worry-free entertainment and protection from the weather all year round.

Some of the Features of the Valencia

  • PVC coated polyester mesh mosquito netting is included

  • comes with pre drilled base for anchoring

  • optional black South Beach curtains

  • hook at the center of the Gazebo ceiling which lights are fans up to 50 lb can be hung

  • aluminum frame featuring a powder coated protector finish resistant to corrosion rust and color fading

  • galvanized steel roof with powder coated finish which protects it from fading from the sun

  • functional and convenient PVC coated mosquito netting that attaches easily

  • functional 2 track system makes optional privacy curtains and mosquito net netting easy and simple

  • ready-to-assemble kit with all metal and hardware components included

  • material color brown

  • frame color brown

  • assembly required

  • 12 ft wide

  • 12 ft long

  • 10 ft high

  • 1-year limited warranty

Features of Sojag Valencia

Sojag Valencia Gazebo Wood Finish 12 x 12 ft. with Mosquito Netting

Center Hook

There is a sturdy hook at the center of the gazebo ceiling which you can hang things from including lights or fans. This hook can withstand weight up to 50 lbs safely. Besides lights and fans you can even hook up a pinata for celebrations or use it for other purposes.

Pre Drilled Base

The base of this gazebo is pre-drilled for easy anchoring. You can keep your gazebo attached to the ground through this anchoring system safely so that it will not blow away and high winds or other weather conditions.

Mosquito Netting

One important feature of this gazebo is the included PVC coated polyester mosquito netting. This netting will protect you from mosquitoes completely and will add to the enjoyment of your summer festivities considerably. Mosquitoes can be a real pest, and with this netting, you will be free to enjoy yourselves without being bitten by the little monsters.

Aluminum Frame

The frame of the Valencia gazebo features a powder-coated protector finish that protects from rust corrosion and color fading. This frame is exceptionally strong and durable and will not bend or buckle under most conditions. The powder coated protected finish makes sure that your gazebo will last for a lifetime of reliable use.

Galvanized Steel Roof

The roof of the sturdy Valencia gazebo is made out of galvanized steel and will protect the gazebo from fading from the sun. This roof also will protect you from all of the elements including snow and rain completely in most areas of the country.  The galvanized steel roof is made out of high quality Steel and it will not rust or corrode.

Functional 2 Track System

The two track system makes it possible to attach both the mosquito netting and the privacy curtains independently from each other. This will allow you to control how they are used and make sure that your mosquito netting is always in place as you come in and out of the gazebo. The privacy curtains will maintain privacy when you are using your gazebo for private functions.

When Ordering your Gazebo

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Before you actually go ahead and order your gazebo, you will want to make sure you are getting what you need. If you make a list of the needs and features that you are looking for and then compare that list to this or other gazebos you will be better prepared. This is the first step to take.

Once you have decided that the Sojag Valencia gazebo is the one for you, you will want to make arrangements with others to receive the gazebo when it is shipped to you.

The gazebo will take two to three people to unload from the freight truck when it arrives. You will also need two or three people to install the gazebo, and this should easily be done within a few hours.

Getting your gazebo ready will not be all that difficult, so when you place your order, you should begin to clean out the area where your gazebo is going to be placed.

Once your gazebo is installed, you can begin to use it for a lifetime of reliable use in style and comfort.

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