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Sojag Pompano Gazebo Reviews

There are many homeowners who are looking for a way to enjoy their outdoor activities yet still be protected from the elements. One great way to do this is to acquire what is known as a gazebo and install it on a property.

For those homeowners who choose a gazebo, there are many different models to choose from in a wide range of different sizes. Getting the right gazebo for you doesn't have to be incredibly difficult, you just have to know a few things about them and what they offer.

What is a Gazebo?

Sojag Pompano #77 Wall Gazebo With Polycabonate 8mm Roof - Sojag Gazebo - Ambient Home

A gazebo is a structure that acts like a sun shelter and is made up of a roof that is supported by columns on each corner. These columns stand alone, yet they support the roof at the top.

The roof of the gazebo often is slanted at an angle so that rain or snow will run off of them. The purpose of a gazebo is to offer shelter from the elements such as sun, wind, rain, and snow. 

People used gazebos for many different reasons as well, such as lying under them in the shade during the summertime next to a pool. There are other purposes people use gazebos, such as entertaining  guests. It is possible for people to use gazebos with hot tubs. The use of hot tubs in gazebos and outdoor areas is kind of a luxury, and gives people a classy experience. 

You can have an intimate experience with your hot tub under a gazebo with a loved one, and many gazebos also feature privacy curtains that can be withdrawn so that your time together will be entirely private.

People can also throw parties and used gazebos to see guests for games such as cards or other activities. The use of gazebos to entertain people is it pretty common occurrence in many households throughout the world.

You can also use a gazebo individually just to relax after a hard day's work or to stretch out during the good weather to enjoy the fresh air. You can even cook out under some gazebos although you should watch out for barbecue grills as the smoke may damage the gazebo.

Since gazebos are rain and snow proof, you can even place objects such as televisions or stereos under them, and with privacy curtains, you can prevent rain from getting it into the devices.

About the Sojag Manufacturer

Sojag has been manufacturing solarium, sun shelters, and outdoor furniture for nearly 20 years. Since 1993, Sojag products can be found at most vendors throughout North America.

As an industry leader, Sojag is proud and passionate about providing products which are known to transform outdoor spaces while creating incomparable, wonderful environments and relaxing atmospheres. 

Using only innovative materials that are of high quality, they offer stylish avant-garde structures which last for many years. Rediscover your property as a homeowner with the use of one of these gazebos and enjoy the new wave of outdoor living. 

Sojag Pompano Review

Sojag Pompano #77 Wall Gazebo With Polycabonate 8mm Roof - Sojag Gazebo - Ambient Home
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Here we are going to review the Sojag Pompano model of gazebo:

Product Description

The Sojag Pompano is a wonderful sun shelter with many different high-quality features. This unique sun shelter is designed to be added as an extension to your home. It is a wall mounted model that attaches to the wall of your home, usually in the backyard area. 

It has a reinforced lightweight construction of extruded aluminum columns. The roof is made out of polycarbonate and the panels offers rain and snow protection year round.

The protective coating will prevent scratches or other blemishes from appearing on the surface of your gazebo while also offer it outstanding corrosion resistance for the lifetime of your product .

Features of the Pompano Gazebo

Some of the features of this wonderful sun shelter include:

  • rust proof and corrosion resistant aluminum frame

  • UV protected tinted polycarbonate panels that are 8 mm or 0.3 in thick

  • polyester curtains are included in certain models only

  • included nylon mosquito netting included in all models

  • no need to store gazebo in the winter time although snow should always be removed

  • replacement parts are available

  • height at highest point is 94.6 in

  • Interpon Axel Nobel powder coating paint for maximum protection

  • 2 track system makes it easy to attach included mosquito net or polyester privacy curtains

  • Meets CPAI-84 fire retardant International safety standards

  • four seasons gazebo is good all year round

  • recommended to remove netting and curtains during the wintertime

  • durable and corrosion resistant powder coated premium dark gray aluminum frame 

More about the Features of the Sojag Pompano

There are many different features to this deluxe model of unique sun shelter. Here are a few of the outstanding examples of benefits when you get Sojag Pompano:

Wall Mounted Design

This gazebo is mounted to the wall of your house, so it actually becomes part of your home. The roof slants down at an angle, so water will run off of it when it rains. As part of your home, you could run power cables through windows within the gazebo to power televisions, stereoss or video games, Etc. 

The wall mounted design makes it sturdy and not likely to be damaged in extreme weather conditions.

Meets CPAI-84 Fire Retardant Standards

The materials that are used in constructing the Pompano are fabricated with fire retardant compounds and meet all CPAI-84 international fire retardant standards. This means that you won't have to worry about your gazebo catching on fire from people smoking cigarettes or other such potential fire hazards. 

This will increase your peace of mind and enjoyment of the gazebo as you don't have to worry about the safety of you, your guests, or the gazebo itself.

2 Track system

The two track system of the gazebo allows for the mosquito netting and privacy curtains to be installed separately. This prevents them from getting tangled up with each other and becoming damaged through repeated use. Mosquito netting comes standard with the purchase of the gazebo, although privacy curtains are an option to be purchased separately.

All Season Gazebo

The Pompano is suitable for use all year round and can extend summer seasons, although in the wintertime you should definitely remove snow from the roof to prevent damage to the gazebo from extreme accumulation.

Using this gazebo in the summertime is ideal for many people, as you can comfortably place dining tables are other furniture underneath it for use by guests to eat meals or snacks or other activities. 

If there is a pool nearby your gazebo, you can comfortably lounge in it in the shade while you are in between dips in the water. As a part of your home, the gazebo can be a refuge for people who want to spend some alone time away from the rest of the family for brief periods.

Quality Construction Materials

Sojag Pompano #77 Wall Gazebo With Polycabonate 8mm Roof - Sojag Gazebo - Ambient Home

The Pompano gazebo is made with high-quality materials including a durable aluminum frame that is known to be corrosion resistant and rust proof, leading to years of reliable use. The roof is made out of a polycarbonate material that is completely water resistant and repels rain naturally. 

The surface of the frame and roof is painted with a powder coded paint that will also add to both the attractiveness of the gazebo and protect it from the elements and corrosion.

Easy to Assemble

You should really only need a couple people, perhaps you and a friend, to assemble the gazebo within 5 hours total. If you don't have any mechanical skills, you could always hire a contractor or others to construct the gazebo for you and it won't cost a lot of money as it won't take a lot of time to install.

Ways to Furnish your Gazebo

There are all kinds of different potential ideas you could use to make optimal use of the space under your gazebo. For many families, just having a picnic table or dining room table installed in the gazebo will make it possible to enjoy meals on a regular basis outside during the warm-weather months. 

For single people or those who are couples, having a hot tub installed underneath the gazebo is an additional luxurious accessory that will provide endless hours of entertainment and pleasure. You could also install other furniture such as couches or comfortable sofa chairs and use televisions, stereos, or even play video games underneath the gazebo. 

You could also prepare the area for guests when they come over by putting a long table underneath it for many different types of social gatherings. You could have a party under your gazebo and have chairs that spread out into the lawn emanating from it. 

Really, all you have to do is use your imagination you can come up with whatever scenario you would like to create for you and your gazebo.

When Ordering a Gazebo

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In order to get the best experience in ordering your gazebo, you should be completely prepared to do so. The first step to take is to develop a list of the features you are looking for in a gazebo and identify a list of needs that you have. 

Figuring out what it is you are really looking for, and then comparing that list to the available gazebo models you are reviewing is the next step.

Once you have arrived at an idea of what you are looking for in a gazebo and have a short list of one or two to choose from, it's time to call a contractor or call a few friends to see about what it's going to take to install it.

If you have to hire a contractor, you can find someone who has good reviews on their website online and take it from there. Once you have a plan firmly set in place, you can go ahead and order your gazebo at your discretion.

When your gazebo arrives, you are going to need one to two people to help you unload it from the freight truck and store it prior to installation. When it comes time to install your gazebo make sure that you have an area that is sufficiently prepared for easy installation without any additional prep work needing to be performed.

Once you have your gazebo installed you can begin to furnish it with any number are furnishing such as couches, tables, chairs, hot tubs, Etc. Once everything is all set and your gazebo is decked out and ready for use, you can become comfortable and start to use it at your leisure for a lifetime in style and comfort.

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