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Sojag Samara Carport Review

Many homeowners don't have a garage and wish to store their cars, yet they want some sort of protection for their valuable automobiles. Some would choose a stand-alone garage unit, but for others getting a carport is a logical choice.

A carport is basically a standing roof supported by columns on all corners, and will protect your vehicle from the elements such as rain or snow or sun. Carports are designed to protect vehicles without the expense or other constraints of a stand alone garage.

Carports are generally easy to assemble and don't take a lot of space. They can be easily assembled over the weekend and fit in small spaces that a stand-alone garages can't. 

There are many different carports available in the marketplace today, and we are reviewing a very high-quality model here. The Sojag Samara carport is made of high-quality materials and made to last for a lifetime of reliability.

A Carport Vs. Stand Alone Garage

Carports are designed just to protect vehicles from inclement weather or other conditions such as flying debris. In many areas, getting a carport is advised if there is heavy snow and rain conditions that would damage your car over time. 

For those who would like a stand-alone garage, but can't get one for one reason or another, a carport is a natural solution that will definitely solve your issues. Those without garage space or who can't get a stand alone garage are forced to protect their vehicles in some way.

Getting a carport will definitely protect the investment you have in your vehicles while providing an affordable solution to these issues.

Sojag Samara Carport

Sojag™ 12x20 ft Samara DIY Carport in Dark Gray - Sojag Carport - Ambient Home
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You can protect your vehicle from the harmful weather elements such as snow and rain with this durable and stylish Sojag Samara carport. The Samara is a beautiful addition to any outdoor area and can be either used as a carport or a versatile shade structure for use for picnic or backyard area. activities.

The spacious area between the columns provides comfortable and easy access for your car, boat, or any other vehicle. The carefully engineered eaves will enhance the overall attractiveness of the carport, and they are designed to drain water and snow from the roof effectively.

The Sojag Samara carport has a wide number of features that make it ideal for many homeowners to get the protection for the vehicles they wish. Let's take a look at some of the outstanding features of this incredible carport here:

  • premium interon Akzo Nobel powder coating that provides maximum protection

  • CPAI-84 fire retardant safety measures for international standards

  • durable and corrosion resistant do the premium powder coating dark gray aluminum frame

  • all season gazebo however accumulation of snow should always be removed from the roof

  • comes with optional enclosure kit that is available for purchase for added protection

  • do it yourself assembly with no special tools being required

  • premium powder coated

  • galvanized steel roof panels

  • galvanized steel columns

  • charcoal gray color frame

  • color dark gray

  • vertical roof

  • 12 ft wide

  • 20 ft long

  • 10 ft high

  • storage area 212.99 square feet

  • storage volume 1746.48 square feet

  • 84 inch high walls

  • comes with 1-year limited warranty

Features of Sojag Samara


Now let's take an in-depth look at some of the features that are present in the Sojag Samara carport:

Rust Proof Carport Construction

The roof of the carport is fabricated from durable galvanized steel and features a sturdy rustproof aluminum frame metal frame. Use of these materials virtually guarantees that there will never be any rust or corrosion that occurs to your carport.

Additionally, the painted surface will provide an extra layer of protection from harmful weather elements, assuring that you will have a long lifetime of use.

Contemporary Design Features


The style of this carport will fit into any modern structures design. It features a high pitched roof for a contemporary style and will look good on the grounds of any home or building structure. This carport is both attractive and ultimately functional, and you should be able to get many compliments for its appearance.

Versatile Shade Structure

This carport includes 4 hooks that are attached to the roof which you can easily hang lights or other items for use with your vehicle. These hooks also provide waterproof storage for many items that you could fit into and underneath the roof structure.

The eaves themselves one has the shelter and also drain water and snow from accumulating on to either your vehicle or other objects underneath the carport.

Real Easy Assembly

The Sojag carport features pre-drilled, pre-punched parts for easy and quick assembly using only two to three people in about 4 hours of assembly time all together. The base has been pre-drilled for easy anchoring into ground areas. You really don't need to worry about assembling this carport as most of the work has been taken out of it for you and your only requires less than a day to assemble.

Easy Access Design


The open wide design of the Samara carport enables you to be able to easily drive a car, boat, truck, or other vehicle under the unit so it can experience protection from the elements in inclement weather conditions. 

If you are using this carport for other purposes, such as working on projects or similar activities such as a picnic or backyard area, you will have both easy access and complete protection from rain and snow is it accumulates.

Optional Canopy Tent Enclosure Kit

You can also choose the enclosure kit as an option which will provide protection on all sides of the carport for use during the winter months or in areas where there is extreme weather conditions.

Limited One Year Warranty

There is a limited one-year warranty on the Sojag Samara carport. If any manufacturer defects appear while you are assembling or using your carport for the first year, this warranty will cover the cost of replacement.

Assembling your Carport

As we discussed, you will not need more than two or three people total to assemble your carport. No special tools are required for the assembly and installation of a carport. You will probably want to get one or two friends together and assemble some simple tools that are present in everyone's tool boxes.

It should not take a long time between all of you, and you should spend no longer than 4 hours total to completely erect, and assemble and install your carport from start to finish. Carports will be shipped by motor freight usually, but they can be easily unloaded and stored until a time when you can assemble them easily. 

When Considering Choosing a Carport

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Selecting A Carport

If you are a homeowner and you are trying to decide whether or not to get a carport, you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, the affordability of a carport over other options makes it a great choice for many people.

You have to decide what your needs are. If you need more space and you want room to do work on vehicles or store large amounts of items, perhaps a stand-alone garage unit would be a better choice.

If your main consideration is protecting your vehicle from the elements such as rain or snow, or using a carport for activities or working on projects, and you can live without a garage, then a carport is a naturally good choice for all of these needs.

Selecting the right carport for you is a matter of describing what your needs are and then meeting them. Writing down your needs on a sheet of paper specifically that address the type of carport you are looking for is a good first step.

Once you know what you were looking for in a carport, comparing this list of needs to your available models can result in being able to match the right model with the right features for your selection.

When you have selected a carport, you have to make sure you can afford it. Once you know what you are looking for in a carport and you have selected one, if the timing is right go ahead and order your carport, and begin making preparations to install it once it arrives.

Preparing for Installation

You may want to begin by clearing out an area that your carport will be installed within. Once you have an appropriate area set aside for your new carport installation, you may want to prepare the surface of the ground for where the installation will go.

Once your area is fully prepared and you are ready to install the carport, once it arrives you can make preparations to install the carport at your convenience.

You will definitely need several people to assist you, but when you have everybody together, you can take an afternoon or part of a weekend just to install the carport.

Once you and your friends have installed your carport, you can then clean up the area and begin to get it ready for use. When you are ready to use your carport, you can begin to store cars, boats, or other vehicles underneath it or store other items in the roof area.

When you begin using your carport, you can occasionally wash it with power washing equipment or use a simple hose and bucket of water with sponge.

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