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MediTub Reviews

When it comes to walk-in tub companies, there are very few that measure up to the high standards and excellent quality of a Meditub. Meditub is owned by Spa World corporation, which is a manufacturer of bath products with several different brands also including Atlantis, Whirlpool, SteamSpa, and Anizzi.

The company was established in 2006 and incorporated in 2013. Meditub is the largest manufacturer of walk-in tubs in the US and specializes in wheelchair accessible tubs. They even have excellent walk-in tubs if you're not in a wheelchair, and they offer many excellent choices for those with severe mobility issues or otherwise.

MediTub 3140 Walk-In-Tub 31 x 40 Right Drain White Bathtub with Shower Stall Option - MediTub - Ambient Home

Meditub sells directly to showrooms and warehouses as well as many online storefronts. All of their excellent products are assembled, drilled, and jetted in United States of America and are ADA-compliant in their design features. Meditub is at its core a health and safety product that is ideal for those aging in place or with severe mobility issues or disabilities.

Meditub has created many excellent products over the years and currently carries a line of over a dozen tubs with varying types of features. Many of the tub's excellent features are standard in their walk-in tubs, but there are also other optional ones that are suitable for people with all different types of budgets. 

In order to understand what Meditub tubs offer, we should understand what walk-in tubs are and some of their types and features. Let's take a look at some of the different aspects of what Meditub walk-in tubs offer here:

What is a Walk in Tub

A walk-in tub is exactly that, a tub that you walk into with a door in the middle of the side of it. Walk-in tubs are designed to open either with either inward or outward swinging doors, and they have a number of features that are typical of their type of tub. 

Most walk-in tubs have high walls and the bather is completely submerged and immersed in the water within them. Standard tubs have low walls and you lay down in the tub; in a walk-in tub you sit upright and there are seats within the tub. 

MediTub 2747 Walk-In-Tub 27 x 47 Right Drain White Bathtub - MediTub - Ambient Home

Some walk-in tubs have showers attached to them so you can shower when you need to as well without having to take a full bath. Walk-in tubs also have safety features such as grab bars and anti-slip floor materials. 

Modern walk-in tubs also have to meet the stringent standards set up by the ADA or (Americans with Disabilities Act). Meditub walk-in tubs are manufactured with strict adherence to all safety regulations. Walk-in tubs have doors on the side of them of course, and these doors have watertight seals that are attached to the door sides to prevent leaking or spilling of water from the tub while bathing. 

Many walk-in tubs also come with a number of optional features that make bathing more enjoyable or good for your health. Features such as air massage, hydro massage, and aromatherapy make for an enjoyable bathing experience. These features also relieve many ailments such as arthritis, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, muscle pain, and other conditions including symptoms of the common cold, flu, or Covid-19. 

Walk-in tubs are typically smaller than traditional lay down tubs, and they can be installed into small spaces such as closets, small bathrooms, or even mobile homes. Walk-in tubs have many features that traditional bathtubs just don't have.

Ideal for Those with Mobility Issues

Walk-in tubs are very good choices for those with mobility issues, such as the Meditub 3060WC. For people using a wheelchair, the higher walls in traditional tubs make it very difficult to get in and out of the tub. When you use a walk-in tub, there is either an inwardly or outwardly swinging door that you can easily transport yourself into and out of the tub. 

MediTub 3060WC Wheel Chair Accessible 30 x 60 White Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

Walk-in tubs feature a low step threshold of only several inches from the ground, which makes stepping into the tub very easy. This is a great feature for those with wheelchair access or with other mobility issues. For people with disabilities and other mobility issues or who are aging in place, they need to be aware that most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom.

Over 240,000 emergency room visits occur each year in the United States due to accidents in the bathroom. This makes it imperative for those who have mobility issues to have a safe and comfortable place to take a bath. If you have mobility issues, you should really consider a walk-in tub if you can arrange it. 

As people get older, their ability to maneuver into and out of bathtubs becomes impaired. And as they age, these conditions can get worse over time. Still people will need to have bathing facilities available to them that they can use safely. For some people, having a walk-in tub is not only a solution, but a necessity, in order to survive properly. 

Getting a walk-in tub for mobility issues is a natural solution for those who have conditions that make it difficult to manage moving that will get progressively worse over time. Also, for those with mobility issues, there are other corresponding health issues that would improve by using a walk-in tub. 

All and all, the bathing experience of walk in tub will produce unique beneficial health results and this is why walk-in tubs were invented in the first place.

Types of Walk in Tubs

Walk-in tubs come in different types, and although no two tubs are exactly alike they come in similar categories. Some of the categories include lay down, soaker, and wheelchair-accessible tubs. There are many different types to choose from so let's take a look at a few of them here:

Soaker Tubs

MediTub 3660 Walk-In-Tub 36 x 60 White Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

A soaker tub is a type of tub that permits you to be completely immersed and submerged within the tub while bathing, such as the 36 x 60 walk in tub . Having one of these types of tubs is ideal for those with health issues who need additional options such as hydrotherapy and air massage.

The entire immersion experience while you are in a whirlpool like setting will produce incredible health benefits for those who need them.

Soaker tubs are designed to have people fully soak in the tub and get all the benefits of hydro therapy.


Many Meditub models come with a shower option. For those who need to take a shower on a regular basis without a full bath experience, having a shower within the walk-in tub is a necessity. You can easily get yourself a shower option installed into the tub so that you can take showers at your convenience, such as the excellent 3140 model.

MediTub 3140 Walk-In-Tub 31 x 40 Right Drain White Bathtub with Shower Stall Option - MediTub - Ambient Home

Having a shower will save time from having to get into a tub when you are in a hurry as well.  Shower options come in a variety of different forms, but the shower is usually handheld so that you can just shower yourself with the attachment rather than having the showerhead hangover your head.

Lay Down Model

MediTub 3060SI Step-In 30 x 60  White Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

For those who enjoy laying down while they are bathing rather than a soaker or submerged experience, Meditub also has lay down models, such as the lay down 3060SI. You may still need to be able to access your tub using a wheelchair, so the tub actually has an inward or outward swinging door tub door system in the middle of the tub for this purpose.

Other than the swinging door with watertight seal placed in the side of the lay down tub, this model of tub is much like traditional tubs in its overall design. 

Getting a lay down model tub is ideal for those who either don't want a soaker model or who really enjoy laying down while they are bathing. Lay down model tubs are also significantly less expensive than soaker tubs and may be a good solution for those with limited budgets to get a walk-in tub.

Therapy Features of Walk-in Tubs

There are number of therapy features that you can get for your walk-in tub, including hydrotherapy, air massage, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy. Each of these features will make your walk-in tub experience one that you will never forget. 

The therapy features of these walk-in tubs are designed for optimal therapeutic relief from a variety of different ailments, such as is found in the 2739 model. There is no question about the therapeutic benefit of using walk-in tubs with these features to improve your health and help you live longer and more comfortably. 

MediTub 2739 Walk-In-Tub 27 x 39 White Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

Getting a walk-in tub with therapy features is a necessity for those who have mobility issues, are disabled, or are aging-in-place, if it all possible. Meditub's pricing makes it affordable to get the health benefits that you both deserve and need.

About Meditub Models

Meditub bathtubs are designed with a unique reinforced fiberglass acrylic construction. These tubs are typically small and install in tiny areas such as a mobile home, closet, laundry room, or a shower stall. These tubs incorporate a frame made of stainless steel that has adjustable feet for easy installation and leveling.

The Meditub model is very durable and is known for its long lasting lifespan. These tubs use the latest in tub crafting techniques and the materials are all high quality and industrial grade. All of the Meditub designs are ADA-compliant and the features are as well.

Meditub walk-in bathtubs undergo extensive quality control processing, which virtually guarantees that they are one of the best made walk-in bathtubs on the market in the US. These top rated tubs feature state of the art design for comfortable and safe bathing while you are either showering or taking a relaxing bath. 

With all of the features that come standard with a Meditub walk-in bath,  you are guaranteed one of the highest quality tubs that are available in the entire world. This walk in tub manufacturers also has a number of options available that will turn any walk-in tub into a spa like luxurious experience that will leave you feeling healthy and completely clean. 

Meditub is a trusted name in walk-in tub manufacturing, and there are many different models to choose from including soaker, bariatric, and lay down models. Choosing a Meditub walk-in tub will provide you with the therapeutic relief you are looking for, and pricing is less than other walk-in tubs of similar quality and design. 

Getting a Meditub walk-in bath is a smart investment in your health and safety. They make it easy to choose exactly the right tub with the specific features you are looking for based on whatever needs you may have in a walk-in tub. 

A Word on Ordering and Installing

If you are thinking about getting a Meditub walk-in bath, you will need to be aware of a few things before you order. You will want to understand that installation costs go above and beyond the actual cost of the tub. Getting a contractor lined up to install your tub is part of the preparation process.

You will want to get a contractor to give you a written estimate of exactly how much it's going to cost to install your tub before you order it. Good contractors won't have any problem with coming in and inspecting your home and reading the specifications involved in installing your walk-in tub. 

Once your chosen contractor has a good idea of what it's going to take to install the tub you have in mind, they'll give you a written estimate that you can use to develop a budget. You'll have to find out what you can afford, all while still getting all the options that you are going to need.

You will want to start off by creating a list of needs that you have and then checking off which tubs meet those needs from that list. Once you have selected a short list of one or two different tubs that you could get, develop a bottom-line price that you will need to get the whole job done. 

Once you understand how much it's going to cost, and have selected you are walk-in tub model, go ahead and order the table and notify your contractor that you are going to go through with the project.

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