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The 3 Best Two-Person Walk-in Tubs

For some people, a walk in bathtub is a luxury, yet for others, they are a necessity. Really, walk-in tubs could be both for many types of people who could benefit from acquiring one. In either case, walk-in tubs have a unique appeal and are far more desirable than a standard tub or shower. 

Most walk-in tubs fit one person comfortably, but for couples and those with mobility assistants, there are even certain models that fit two people. Here, we are reviewing three models of two person walk in tubs for your consideration, with a bit of information about walk-in tubs in their benefits.

What is a Two Person Walk in Tub?

Walk-in bathtubs are a great option for seniors who need a safe tub or for couples who are looking for a better way to bathe together. Walk-in tubs feature doors that swing in or out so bathers can enter the tub without stepping over a wall, which can be difficult for those aging-in-place or with disability issues.

Getting a two person tub gives seniors more room when they are bathing individually, and it also makes space for a caregiver or a partner who can share the bath with them and assist them with their daily bathing activities. Each tub has its own individual options and features, some of which are more desirable to different individuals.

The 3 Best Walk-in Tubs for Two People

Ella's Bubbles The Companion Two-Seat Walk-In Bathtub

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Ella's Bubbles companion happens to be the very first bathtub ever designed for two people. This luxurious walk-in bathtub measures 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. The companion is designed to be placed within a standard 60 inch alcove opening area.

Featuring one 24 1/2 inch wide and one 23 inch wide seat, this walk-in bathtub is recommended for average to petite bathers. This model features a standard powerful independent foot massage. No need to fill the entire tub as this area feels within just a few minutes.

Beautifully ordained with a brushed stainless steel and a frosted tempered glass inward swinging door. This attractive model is fabricated with a white glossy acrylic shell and is ideal for use for assisted bathing or unforgettable nights and days with you and your loved ones.

  • two therapeutic jetting package options
  • 14 air jets - 6 seat jets and 4 floor jets 
  • 20 hydro jets - 7 per seat and 6 floor jets 
  • reversible end panel for left or right corner installations
  • 24.5 inch wide and a 23 inch wide seat 
  • vacuum-formed from a solid long-lasting acrylic sheet
  • white glossy finish 
  • impermeable to mold and mildew 
  • easy to clean 
  • rust-proof stainless steel frame 
  • reinforced with multiple fiberglass mesh and gel coat layers 
  • multiple leveling legs for easy installation and stronger support 
  • custom brushed stainless steel door frosted tempered glass window 
  • lever lock create a secure watertight door seal 
  • Dual drain technology (DDT) 
  • Hydrotherapy & Infusion Micro-bubble Therapy Massage & Air Jet Massage
  • Hydrotherapy & Infusion Micro-bubble Therapy Massage & Air Jet Massage & Independent Foot Massage

Ella's Bubble Big4Two Seat - 2-Person Walk-In Bathtub with Independently Operated Foot Massage

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Ella's Bubbles Big4Two happens to be the first two person walk tub available in the world. This deluxe model is manufactured with one 26 in and one 21 inch extra-wide molded seat.  The Big4Two model is recommended for those with larger bodies who desire a walk in tub that they can fit in comfortably.

The door to this beautiful walk-in tub features a concealed mechanical door lock system that is fabricated with industrial-grade durable plastic composite material and sports a decorative tempered glass front screen. This two person walk in tub is the ultimate in comfort and there are four jetting therapy packages that are optional.

  • dual drain technology
  • body is vacuumed formed from a solid long-lasting acrylic sheet
  • white glossy finish
  • rust proof stainless steel frame reinforced with multiple fiberglass mesh and gelcoat layers
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • free replacement parts for the lifetime of the original customer
  • average drainage time evaluated to be only 50 seconds to a couple of minutes
  • three latch door system forms a secure and watertight door seal
  • outward swinging door create
  • additional interior space
  • industrial-grade durable plastic composite material door
  • decorative tempered glass front screen concealed mechanical door lock system
  • Hydrotherapy & Independent foot massage & Air jet massage
  • Hydrotherapy & Independent foot massage & Air jet massage & Infusion microbubble therapy massage

Ella's Bubble Tub4Two - Two Seat Walk-In Bathtub

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This model of Ella's Bubbles best two person walk in tub features a common size width, yet it is engineered to be longer with two separate support seats. The Tub4Two bathtub is durable and is built for a long life. This walk-in tub has many features available and fits two average size bathers comfortably.

The tub sports a high gloss acrylic shell that is easy to clean and is impermeable to mold and bacteria and scratch-resistant. This shell has a fiberglass reinforced design with rugged stainless steel frame support with multiple leveling legs for stability. When purchasing this wonderful walk-in tub, remember tub can be easily installed into an alcove seat or in a corner by using the interchangeable end access panel.

  • high-quality acrylic 
  • excellent color uniformity 
  • high gloss white finish 
  • fiberglass reinforced 
  • free-standing installation stainless steel frame 
  • adjustable leveling legs 
  • reversible end panel 
  • low step threshold for easy access 
  • plastic composite and tempered glass outward swinging door 
  • gear and shaft mechanics for 3 door latches 
  • two 2 inch floor drains 
  • two front and one end removable access panels 
  • on/off push controls 
  • digital controller 
  • reversible end panel 
  • both seats are 19 1/4 inches wide
  • textured slip resistant floor
  • lifetime limited warranty

The independent foot massage feature helps increase your overall body temperature, leading to relief of muscle and mental tension, stress, and will increase your white blood cell activity. These benefits will also boost your immune system, which can prevent sickness and improve your overall health and well-being.

Other benefits of foot massage include improving the conditions of hemorrhoids, prostate problems, cramps, joint pain, rheumatic aches and pains, chest congestion, excessive perspiration, pelvic pain, toothaches, headaches, liver problems, and cold and flu symptoms such as cough, nausea, and chills.

The hydro massage system features a hydro pump with eco-friendly ozone sterilization, inline water heater, hydro massage intensity dial control, and a strategically positioned hydro jet system for effective, targeted massaging with an on-off push control button.

The air massage system features an air pump with 3-speed variable push control that is strategically positioned with an air jet system for optimal therapeutic relief. There's also a digital controller option available with dual air and hydro massage package. 

The push controls seem to be the most popular choice, considering that they are easy to use. The air massage system also features an auto-purge feature that engages automatically 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off to make sure that water is purged out of the air jet lines. This prevents mildew buildup from your walk-in tub system.

Reasons to Get a Walk in Tub

There are many reasons why people get a two person walk in tub. Some of the most common reasons that we can find include having a disability, being older and aging in place, or increasing the value of your home.

The decision to buy a walk-in tub is sometimes made by people with physical disabilities who have difficulty getting into a traditional tub. For those with wheelchairs or other mobility issues, the low step threshold of a walk-in tub makes getting in and out of a tub safe and easy.

Many seniors have mobility issues, granted, however, there are other reasons seniors may want to get a walk-in tub. The therapeutic benefits of walk-in tubs for those with different ailments are indisputable. Conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, insomnia, and a host of others have been proven to be relieved by the therapeutic benefits of a walk-in tub.

For those who may eventually be selling their home, a two-person walk-in tub that is both functional and beautiful can be a major selling point and actually swing decisions with potential home buyers. Walk in tubs are a great investment in your home for as long as you use them, and if you end up selling your home, they can raise your selling price considerably.

Features of Walk-in Tubs

There are a number of features walk-in tubs have exclusively that are highly desirable to many homeowners. The fact that walk-in tubs are desirable over traditional tubs is the types of features that they have. Let's take a peek at some of the wonderful features and benefits that you can get from walk-in tubs.

Most walk-in bathtubs are soaker style of tubs, with high vertical walls which permit users to submerge most of their bodies while sitting upright.

For larger users, bariatric tubs are walk-in tubs that have a wider frame and door entrance as well as a larger seat. This style of tub is particularly useful for users with weights of 300 lbs or more.

Two-person tubs are built for two, and having your companion while you bathe can be a lot of fun. In most cases the configurations of a two-person tub come in two specific different styles. 

In the first style, two built-in seats face each other and the tub doors are in the middle. In the second style, the tub has a  wider frame, with two seats positioned next to one another. Two-person bathing is desirable for many couples and those with disabilities severe enough to warrant needing an aide to bathe with.

Most people who are unaware of the solid seals of modern walk-in tubs may think that there is a danger of flooding or leaking. The walk-in tubs reviewed here are fabricated with impermeable material around the door hinges and other potential leak points that prevent water from leaking from the tub.

The low threshold height of a walk-in tub is usually just several inches from the floor that it is positioned on. This permits people who have wheelchairs or who have difficulty walking or standing easy access to the tub. This safety feature is one of the main reasons people with severe mobility issues get walk-in tubs.

Walk-in tubs with modern designs have grab bars in the tub itself and this safety feature is one of the top recommendations according to the National Institute on Aging. There are over 240,000 emergency room visits based on accidents in the bathroom that occur every year.

Considering Getting a Walk-in Tub?

Before you get a walk-in tub, you should probably sit down and make a list of all the features you want in a walk in tub..  Once you have that, it's time to compare that list with the features in the available models.

Finally, you are going to have to decide how much you want to spend on a tub and how much the installation costs are going to be. You may want to consult with a licensed plumber or contractor to get an idea of what the entire total price is going to be to install a tub.

Once you have selected the right walk in tub manufacturers and have made a deal with your licensed plumber or contractor, you can go ahead and order your tub. When the tub arrives and has been installed, you can just sit back and relax and enjoy all the benefits of your walk in tub.

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