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Free Shipping and No Sales Tax (Excludes IL) on All Products, This Month Only!
Free Shipping and No Sales Tax (Excludes IL) on All Products, This Month Only!

Fire Pit Art Magnum- Gas and Wood Fire Pit


SKU Magnum - Wood Burning

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The Magnum wood burning fire pit by Fire Pit Art is a stunning hearth, providing an exquisite backdrop to any outdoor space. Gather around the fire and let the sound of crackling embers sooth your soul. Wood fire pits are ideal for sharing intimate moments and quiet reflection.

This wood burning fire pit is portable and can be moved around from your deck to patio or backyard. Crafted of heavy-duty, 1/4 thick mild carbon steel, this outdoor wood fire pit bowl is durable, maintenance-free and weather-proof. The iron oxide patina will mature and darken a few shades over time and use, then keep that look permanently.

Fire Pit Art creates the best gas and wood burning fire pit bowls and tables, which are unique works of art. Each model is made to order by Tennessee craftsman in the heartland of America, and are individually numbered by the artist on an attached brass plaque.

Lead time: All Fire Pit Art are made to order and have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Product Overview

Fire Pit Art Magnum Gas and Wood Fire Pit offers a high quality wood fire pit to elevate the ambiance of your favorite outdoor space. Designed as a larger version of the "Saturn" fire pit, the Magnum features a spectacular ring around the fire pit that serves as a convenient spot to put a beverage or rest your feet - plus, the custom fabricated lid provides protection when the unit is not in use. This wood burning fire pit is perfect to create a beautiful campfire-style centerpiece with the unique flair from Fire Pit Art.

Each fire pit is hand made from 1/4-inch thick carbon steel to produce a long lasting and durable product while the natural iron oxide finish is designed to patina on the outside which will darken with time and create a permanent one-of-a-kind finish on the fire pit. The interior of the fire pit is coated with a high temperature resistant paint and has a 1.5" drain in the bottom to allow rain to drain.

The Liquid Propane and Natural Gas burning variants of the Magnum Fire Pit include a Penta 24" 200K BTU burner. This burner provides a flame that is great for small to medium sized gatherings. The package also includes a whistle free flex line, Dante valve, burner plate, and lava rock. We hope your Fire Pit Art® provides many wonderful memories for your family and friends.

Match Lit System: We utilize the very best technology and components for gas fuel conversions at Fire Pit Art. This is why we now use the patented Stainless Steel Penta burner designed by HPC. Their burner provides a uniform & full campfire effect for your fire pit and works well with the lava rock that is included. HPC also includes a lifetime warranty with your burner for added peace of mind.

AWEIS System: All Weather Electronic Ignition System includes 24 volt AC Transformer, Fire Module, Heat Shield, and Install Instructions. For those who wish the ease and sophistication available with electronic ignition, we add state of the art AWEIS electronic ignition manufactured at Fire by Design. These All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems are by far the safest, most durable electronic ignition systems on the market with flame sensing technology and windproof design.


  • "Magnum" Design - A larger version of the "Saturn" fire pit, the "Magnum" features an outer ring made of steel instead of ice and rock, perfect for resting your feet or a beverage
  • Carbon Steel Construction - Thick 1/4-inch carbon steel construction ensures long term durability, lasts for decades
  • Iron Oxide Patina - The natural iron oxide finish patinas with time, creating a dark and varied natural finish
  • Stainless Steel Burner - Comes complete with a premium HPC penta burner
  • Lava Rock - Includes 75 pounds of black lava rock to complete the unit.

Configurable Options

  • Ignition Type - Choose between the standard match light burner or All-Weather electronic ignition
  • Gas Type - Choose between natural gas or propane to suite your needs

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    Gas Burner Operations Instructions

    Magnum Dimensions

    • Dimensions - 18" x 54" (Height, Diameter)
    • Base Dimensions - 7" x 23" (Height, Diameter)
    • Weight/Shipping Weight - 245 pounds/365 pounds
    • Gas Information - 120,000 BTU, natural gas or propane
    • Material - Carbon Steel
    Lead time: All Fire Pit Art are made to order and have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.