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Sojag Everest Garage Review

Many homeowners without a garage built into their home often seek a stand-alone unit that can be installed on their property to fill this need. There are many different garage units available in the marketplace, but the Sojag Everest model offers many different features that make it a high-quality choice.

If you're looking for a strong, built to last metal garage for your property, considering a Sojag steel garage can be a wise choice.  Here we are going to review one of the best choices in steel garages available in the marketplace today, the Sojag Everest garage:

Sojag Everest Garage Review

The Sojag Everest garage series is a premium steel garage that is stylish and ultimately exceptionally functional. The Sojag garage is specifically engineered to take on tough weather and comes in many different size choices. 

The Sojag Everest series is built for the discriminating homeowner who demands high-quality materials and construction, and is looking for a garage that will withstand the elements and provides ultimate utility for a lifetime.

Let's take a look at some of what the Everest garage Series has to offer here:

Sojag Everest Garages


Sojag™ Everest Garage Charcoal - Sojag Carport - Ambient Home
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Sojag garages can be configured in multiple lines to fit your needs. They feature roll-up garage doors and walls that are extra tall and can be used for bulk storage or storing trucks, cars, boats or tractors.

They can also be used as an office and storage space for plumbers, electricians, carpenters or other contractors or just as a home workshop. The Everest garage series is made with stylish premium steel that is 9 times more resistant against corrosion compared with other materials.

These garages are also painted with premium textured paint finish that is an excellent protector of the exterior, providing additional protection from damage and making the garage much more attractive.

These garages are expandable up to 100 ft long. These tough garages are designed to withstand high winds and tons of snow, and are durable and long-lasting.

Some of the features in Sojag garages:

  • comes in 5 sizes 
  • wind rating: 100 mph

  • snow load rating 35 pounds per square foot

  • roof angle 22 degrees

  • roof color anthracite

  • door jamb color charcoal

  • wall height 94 in

  • peak building shape

  • door entrance height 83.66 in

  • side door entrance width 28.3 in

  • door entrance width bottom 95 in

  • side door opening height 78.25 in

  • assembly required

Features of Sojag Everest 

Sojag 12x30 Everest Garage Kit - Charcoal (GRC1230)

More about the features you will find in a Sojag Everest steel garage:

Premium Textured Paint Finish

The Sojag metal garages are built exceptionally strong and tough but they are also quite beautiful and feature a stylish matte finish that is designed to protect your garage from the elements. 

It is up to nine times more resistant against corrosion than typical standard paint finishes you will find on the marketplace today. The two tone finish of this paint is actually quite attractive and will look as good as it does when you purchase it for years to come.

High Wind Rating

snow load

The Sojag Everest steel garage construction is so solid you don't need to worry about it if you live in an area with high winds. Designed to withstand winds on a regular basis of up to 100 mph safely, no matter what your location has to throw at it, it will stand tough. 

Many different garages are available, however most garages don't have the high wind rating that the Sojag steel garage is constructed with. 

Superior Snow Load Rating

If you live in an area that has a lot of snow, you will want to have the protection available in a Sojag steel garage. Each unit will withstand up to a 35 pounds per square foot snow load without buckling.

The reinforced advanced truss system has an exceptionally strong design, and it will help protect your garage in any type of snow weather. If you live in higher altitudes with a lot of snow you just won't have to worry about your garage in this type of weather. 

At 35 lb per square foot, the garage can handle any type of snow conditions that you will find typically in the US.

Easy Access

The Sojag steel garage construction includes 94 inch high walls which are suitable for storing any type of larger objects such as boats or trucks. You will also find an 8 by 7 ft sectional garage roll up door that features premium brushed metal hardware so you can get in and out of your garage easily without any stress or effort. 

This makes it possible to be able to store boats, for example, for easy access in and out for use in the summer months. 

Sturdy Side Door Entry

The side door is 28 in wide which provides easy access and it also features a secure steel handle with a keyed deadbolt system for added security. You won't have to worry about people breaking into your garage very easily with this deadbolt system. The side door is 28 in wide, and it will fit just about anybody when entering or exiting the garage on a typical basis.

Top Steel Construction

Sojag Everest steel garages are made of a superior strong Galvalume steel, which is an aluminum sink and silicone plate steel that has exceptional corrosion resistance. They feature an unheard-of limited 20 year warranty. You can rest assured that the materials your garage is made of will not rust or corrode, making it suitable for a lifetime of reliable use.

When Considering Ordering your Garage


200+ Free Checklist & List Images

There is a considerable amount of planning that has to go into getting a garage. First of all, you will need to have at least one other person with you to assemble the garage. It takes two people to assemble and the other person involved should have minor carpentry skills at a minimum.

You will want to prepare the space for your garage installation well in advance and have the proper tools necessary to assemble and install.

When you order your garage, you will have to make arrangements for the shipping terms. Shipping may cost additional money beyond the cost of the actual garage itself.

You will have to be certain you have the time to assemble your garage and set aside a weekend or whatever time you have to be able to perform the installation.

You may want to hire several people to install the garage to make sure it is done properly rather than trying to perform at yourself. Hiring a reputable contractor is not that difficult if you read the reviews on websites and make sure that  their customers are satisfied with their performance.

Lastly, you will have to make sure you can afford your garage and installation costs. You will also have to make sure that you are neighborhood will be aware of your garage construction, and you won't have any complaints.

You also may need to secure building permits in order to construct a garage on your property in your area. Some states require building permits and others don't. One way to check in your area is to call a reputable contractor and see if you need a building permit in your area.

Once your garage is fully installed, you can be a begin to use it for a lifetime of secure, safe storage and use in style and comfort.

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