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Best Wall Mounted Gazebo

Many homeowners would like to get a sun shelter for their home so that they can enjoy the outdoors while being protected by the elements. There are many types of sun shelters, gazebos, and pergolas and some of them can be mounted to the wall of your home so it becomes an extension of your residence.

Wall-mounted gazebos are more durable and the home they are mounted forms a natural barrier against the elements of one side of the structure. These sun shelters are more impervious to rain or snow as the home that is attached to acts as a shield against the elements.

Best Wall Mounted Gazebo

Let's take a look at 6 different models of sun shelters that are mounted to the wall. 

Sojag Portland Gazebo

Sojag Francfort Gazebo

Sojag Budapest Gazebo

Sojag Charleston Wall Solarium

Gazebo Penguin Florence Add A Room

Bon Pergola Wall Mount

Sojag Portland Gazebo


Sojag™ Portland Patio Gazebo Netting and  Curtains Included - Sojag Gazebo - Ambient Home


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You can bring the outdoors inside with the Portland sun shelter by Sojag. This sun shelter is engineered to be the perfect extension to your home permitting enjoyment of the outdoors while being sheltered by the elements.

The Portland is mounted from the wall so it will be actually part of your home. It is crafted from durable aluminum and will withstand wind, rain, and snow in most weather conditions. This is a four-season sun shelter that is the forefront of a new wave of outdoor living and features and durable galvanized steel roof as well as a high-quality powder coating aluminum frame.

It also comes standard with nylon mosquito netting so that you can keep the bugs out while you are having guests visit you.

Features of the Sojag Portland includes:

  • structure frame fabricated from dark brown powder coated aluminum

  • roof created from dark brown powder coated galvanized steel panels

  • comes with two track system

  • nylon mosquito netting included standard plus spun polyester privacy curtains

  • snow accumulation should be removed from roof in winter time

  • ready-to-assemble kit with all the hardware and metal components included

  • assembly is required

Sojag Francfort Gazebo


Sojag Gazebo Francfort Wall-Mounted Gazebo 10 x 12 ft - Dark brown - Sojag Gazebo - Ambient Home


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You can enjoy the outdoors under shelter from the elements with the Sojag Francfort gazebo. It comes with a retractable roof that is designed to provide shade for your home while protecting you from the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

The addition of the high-quality polyester curtains will create an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy while providing additional sun protection. Weather resistant to snow, rain, and wind, you will be able to dine with guests and have other social activities while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Comes with premium powder coated galvanized steel roof panels and durable aluminum frame. Features a discreet two track system with included mosquito net and polyester privacy curtains. Meets CPAI-84 fire retardant international safety standards so that you will never be in danger of fire while using your gazebo.  Do it yourself assembly required with no special tools.

Features of the Francfort include:

  • wall mounted design gazebo becomes part of your home

  • premium Interpon AkzoNobel powder coated paint offers maximum protection against the elements

  • durable and corrosion-resistant premium powder coated dark brown aluminum frame

  • powder coated galvanized steel roof panels

  • discrete two track system makes it easy to attach polyester privacy curtains and netting

  • all season gazebo suitable for use in any weather

  • snow should be removed from roof in the wintertime

  • it is recommended to remove netting and curtains in the wintertime

Sojag Budapest Gazebo


Sojag™ Budapest 10x12 Patio Gazebo with Mosquito Netting - Sojag Gazebo - Ambient Home


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Sojag has been building gazebos for almost 20 years, and the Budapest is made of industrial-grade materials. This unique sun shelter is engineered to be an extension of one's home and attaches to the wall. 

Aluminum frame stands up to the weather conditions and can be left out year round. The retractable aluminum composite roof is carefully designed to allow you to be protected from the sun's UV rays while enjoying shade.

This model also includes nylon mosquito netting and polyester privacy curtain so you can be protected from the sun while enjoying the privacy that you deserve. The Budapest can be used with a dining table or conversation set so you that you can host many different social activities while being protected from bugs.

Features of the Budapest include:

  • structure frame fabricated with dark brown powder coated aluminum

  • roof made with retractable aluminum composite panels

  • features two track system

  • nylon mosquito netting and polyester privacy curtains

  • meets all CPAI-84 flame resistant international safety standards

  • ready to assemble kit with all hardware and metal components included

  • accumulation of snow should be removed from the roof in wintertime

Sojag Charleston Wall Solarium


Sojag™ Charleston Wall Sol Sunroom Patio Enclosure Kit Dark Gray with Steel Roof - Sojag Solarium - Ambient Home


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The Charleston provides a haven of relaxation where you can be protected from rain, snow, mosquitoes, and harmful UV rays as you are surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. You can enjoy the back of your backyard all year round with this four seasons gazebo.

The solarium structure is made out of a high-quality aluminum and also includes a galvanized steel roof, additional PVC windows, and mosquito screens. It also creates a space that shelters you and your guests such as family and loved ones from the harsh and unpredictable elements.

The structure lasts for many years and you can create a beautiful focal point to your backyard while adding value to your property. It also includes a dark gray heavy duty steel winter support post for the winter months. It comes as a ready-to-assemble kit with all the necessary components included.

Features of the Sojag Charleston Wall sunroom include:

  • structure fabricated with dark gray powder coated aluminum roof

  • made with dark gray powder coated galvanized steel panels

  • 3 position sliding windows

  • clear PVC windows with screens

  • comes with a dark gray heavy duty steel winter support post

  • comes ready-to-assemble with all hardware and metal components included

Gazebo Penguin Florence Add A Room


Gazebo Penguin Florence Add a Room Sunroom Patio Enclosure with Polycarbonate Roof - Gazebo Penguin - Ambient Home


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Create enjoyment of your outdoor space with the Add a Room solarium structure. This model can be left up year-round during all seasons, saving the difficulty of assembling and disassembling at the end of the summer season.

Solarium is constructed with high quality aluminum and comes with a roof fabricated with a reinforced polycarbonate or a galvanized sheet. It includes two sliding doors and you can set them to open to the left or right in the position of your choice, with 5 position wind panels.

This unit has been carefully engineered to withstand the elements including snow, rain, and harsh ultraviolet radiation. You can invite guests to enjoy social activities such as eating, drinking, or just lounging under the sun shelter in between dips in the pool.

Features of the Gazebo Penguin Florence Add a Room include:

  • resists most types of weather

  • fabricated with powder-coated aluminum structure

  • polycarbonate roof panels

  • door handles can be reinstalled either left or right opening positions

  • panel slides all the way down to the bottom to any of the five positions

  • maximum air circulation

  • caps are included to hide all unsightly screws

  • features two sliding doors that can be positioned in combinations

  • tinted polycarbonate doors

  • if screen tears it can it can be easily replaced

  • both ends of the door rail are sealed off to prevent bugs from entering

Bon Pergola Wall Mount


Bon Pergola Wall-Mount Smart Louvered Pergola with Motorization & Lighting, Villa Pergola - Bon Pergola - Ambient Home


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The Bon pergola wall mount smart louvered pergola features motorization and lighting. Just adjust the louvers that open and close so you can let just the right amount of sunshine come in which is perfect for suntanning.

Great for gathering without worry of sun or rain for you and your guests, and you can enjoy your pergola in the evening as it has lighting options. It is made out of long lasting aluminum alloy that unlike real wood you will never have to stain or treat. The pergola is virtually maintenance-free and the motorized louvers will last for years. LED lighting strip is included.

Features of the Bon pergola wall-mount include:

  • long lasting aluminum alloy frame with heavy duty double layer design

  • rotatable louvers to prevent sunlight and rain from entering

  • outdoor grade powder coated paint

  • virtually maintenance-free with rust free materials

  • weather resistant to all types of weather

  • corrosion-resistant

  • compatible with concrete, pavement, and cement

  • easy to assemble

  • most parts are pre-assembled

  • comes with a wind resistant manual side shade option

  • wall mount installation type

When Ordering your Wall Mounted Sun Shelter


200+ Free Checklist & List Images


Before you go ahead and order your wall mounted gazebo, you will want to make a list of all of the needs that you have and the features that you are most looking for. Once you have this list written, you can compare the available models and see which one best matches your particular needs.

Once you have a good idea of what you would like to get, you should contact a contractor to see how much it's going to be to assemble and install the sun shelter on your property. Then get a free estimate from your contractor and when you have calculated all of the costs involved you can feel free to that order your sun shelter at your discretion.

Once you're ordered your sun shelter and it arrives, you can store it and then get your contractor on board to install it when it is convenient to do so. When your sun shelter is installed and ready for use, you can furnish it in any way that you see fit, including getting a hot tub or other types of furniture.

At the point you are completely ready to use your sun shelter, you can use it with you and your guests for a lifetime in style and comfort.

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