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3 Best Walk-in Tub Shower Combo

Walk in tubs are a popular home feature for older adults who want to age in place and for anyone with limited mobility. But what if you want the benefits of a safe walk-in tub and a shower? Fortunately, there are many trustworthy brands that manufacture walk-in bathtubs that you can upgrade to include a standing showerhead. 

For many homeowners, getting a walk-in tub installed in their home is kind of a dream. However, some are concerned that they won't be able to get a shower option with their walk-in tub, and this may prevent them from considering it. The good news is there are many walk-in tubs that have shower options or are an outright walk-in tub shower combination.

What is a Walk-in Tub

A walk-in tub is designed differently than a standard bathtub, usually with higher walls that permit a completely submerged experience. Also, different from the standard bathtub is this watertight sealed door on the side of the tub that permits easier entering and exiting of the tub. Walk-in tubs also come with a variety of features, some standard, and some optional, that make the experience heavenly, such as massage options that provide optimal therapeutic relief.

What is a Walk-in Tub with Shower Combo

A walk-in tub with shower combo is a walk-in tub that has a shower built into it as well. Many people prefer to be able to take a shower rather than a full walk in tub bathing experience when trying to get clean when on a daily hygiene regimen. Many walk-in tubs don't include a shower combo experience, but some of them are designed to specifically include the shower right into the walk-in tub designs.

Walk-in tub features with shower combo will provide you with the walk-in tub experience with the convenience of a shower to assist in daily hygiene.

The 3 Best Walk in Tub Models Featuring Showers

Walk in tub manufacturers such as Ella's Bubbles are industry leaders and offer an impressive array of tub models. Let's take a look at a few here:

Ella's Bubbles Elite - Acrylic Inward Swinging Door Walk-In Tub

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The Ella's Bubbles walk in tub company Elite is a good size for the average bather and has a comfortable wide 21 three-quarter inch molded seat with a removable swivel tray and a beautifully bright stainless steel door that comes complete with frosted tempered glass.

The tub has a definite unique high-end appearance. This tub also features a low step in threshold with anti-slip textured floor as well as two deck and wall mount grab bars for easy and safe entrance and exit from the tub.

The vacuum-formed acrylic shower is backed by a solid rust proof stainless steel frame that features adjustable leveling legs for a safe and sturdy long-lasting tub when installing walk in tubs. Features of the tub include:

  • high quality acrylic grade A
  • high gloss white finish
  • fiberglass reinforced stainless steel frame
  • 8 in adjustable heavy duty leveling legs
  • removable door for easy cleaning
  • dual safety grab bars for deck and wall mount
  • removable rubber back support
  • reversible end panel
  • on/off push button controls
  • digital controller
  • HydroMassage options
  • Air massage options
  • 2 piece or 5 piece fast-fill faucet options

Ella Ultimate Walk-in Tub - Acrylic Walk-In Tub

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Ella's ultimate walk-in tub has two removable access panels and one toe kick access panel for easy maintenance. There's a limited lifetime warranty for the shell door and frame. The ultimate also features an independently operated foot massager system where you can just fill the lower portion of the tub and enjoy a quick foot massage.

It also features dual drain technology consisting of two 2 inch gravity-driven drains which are independently operated. The typical drainage time that you will find for this tub is plus or minus 80 seconds with ideal plumbing conditions.

It also includes a HydroMassage system with HydroMassage intensity dial control is strategically positioned hydro jet system for effective targeted massaging. This system also includes an inline water heater also available is an air massage system then includes a 3 speed variable push control and an auto purge system that automatically activates 20 minutes after completing your bath.

Ella's Bubble Transfer 32

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Ella's Transfer 32 walk-in bathtub is made of a long-lasting acrylic shell that was formed in a vacuum from industrial grade materials and comes equipped with a 24.5 inch wide comfortable molded seat and a wonderfully crafted custom L-shaped door.

The tub features an appealing high end look and also features a low step in threshold for safety as well as wall and deck mounted grab bars that permit easy entry into and exit from the tub.

The acrylic shell houses a rust-proof stainless steel frame that features adjustable leveling legs which give you a sturdy safe and long-lasting walk-in bath investment. Some additional features of the tub include:

  • dual drain technology with two 2 inch gravity-driven drains
  • reversible end panels for left or right corner installation
  • extension panel kit
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • aluminum L shape outward swinging door
  • two latch door lock system
  • rust proof stainless steel frame
  • multiple fiberglass mesh and gel coat layers
  • air and water jets therapeutic features
  • textured flooring
  • hydrotherapy whirlpool jets

Shower Kit and Bi Fold Door Options

This modern and beautiful complete walk in shower kit has a chrome column that holds a large overhead rain shower and features an adjustable slider that allows you to select the best optimal height to position the handheld showerhead unit. This is a simple solution for you to upgrade your existing shower system and you don't have to go through a full bathroom renovation for a tub shower combo.  

One more option is the frameless bi-folding tub door that can help you keep your floor from getting wet when you use it with the shower kit combo. The bi-fold fold tub door is a convenient alternative to traditional shower curtains and it is specially engineered and sized to fit walk in bathtubs.

Some Features of a Walk-in Tub

Usually, there are all kinds of features in a walk-in tub. Some of these include anti-slip textured floors, built in grab bars, in line heaters, massage options, faucet combinations, and other considerations. Let's take a look at some of these here:

Anti-slip Textured Floors

Every year over 240,000 emergency room visits are attributed to accidents in the bathrooms in the home. Anti-slip textured floors prevent slipping and falling when you are taking a bath in a walk-in tub. Most walk-in tubs come standard with such a floor, and it's also a good idea to place bath mats outside the tub door to prevent slipping and falling from water accumulation on the floor.

Built In Grab Bars

Grab bars are a safety feature in many walk-in tubs. These bars are positioned in different places around the tub so that you can grab onto them or hold onto them while you are moving your body around the tub. This prevents slipping and falling in accidents in many cases, especially for those with mobility issues or who have disabilities.

Using grab bars to move your body around the tub may prevent many accidents from happening and there are usually at least one or two or more grab bars in most walk-in tubs.

In Line Heaters

Many walk-in tubs contain inline heaters which will heat the water in the tub while you are submerged. This means you don't have to drain and refill the tub when the water cools off and you can stay warm while bathing. In line heaters also save on water usage as well which will save you energy and money. 

Massage Options

There are also massage options that come with many walk-in tubs, they can include hydrotherapy massage, air massage, infusion microbubble massage therapy, independent foot massage.

These massage options are ideal for those who have health issues that need to be addressed through hydrotherapy. There are many health issues which can be alleviated through the use of these massage options such as arthritis, insomnia, headaches, joint pain, body pain, body aches, and they can even be used to treat the common cold and flu and even Covid-19.

How to Get a Walk-in Tub with Shower

Before you order a walk-in tub with shower, you're going to want to make sure that the model you pick meets all of your needs. It's a good idea to write down all of your needs on a piece of paper and compare them to the different models that you are considering.

When you have picked a model that you like, you should consult the contractor to see if you can get it installed at a price that you can afford. Walk-in tub prices from distributors don't include the cost of installing a walk-in tub.

If you call a contractor, make sure you compare the reviews and reputation that they have before you contact by phone. And after you contact the contractor, make sure they give you a written estimate when they come to take a look at what you are looking to have done.

Once you have a written estimate, add the price of the estimate to the cost of the tub from the manufacturer including shipping, and if you can afford it and it meets all of your needs, it's time to schedule the installation and order your tub.

Scheduling an installation with your contractor and ordering your tub are the final steps to take in the purchasing process, but they need to have sufficient preparation. Once you and your contractor are on the same page, you can then begin to clean the area where the tub is going to be installed and get it ready for the contractor to come in.

Once your contractor has installed your tub and you are ready to use it, you may want to purchase some new bath towels and other bathroom accessories to make your walk-in tub experience as nice as possible. When everything is in order, just kick back, relax and enjoy using your walk-in tub and all of the health benefits that come with it for life.