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5 Best Walk-in Tubs for Small Bathrooms

If you're a homeowner who has a small bathroom in your home, you may be wondering how to achieve optimal use of that space. Many homeowners opt to install a small walk-in tub in order to both take advantage of that space, improve their homes, and give them all they desire in a tub. There are also many distinct practical advantages to installing a walk-in tub, especially for disabled people and the elderly who are aging in place, and your small walk-in tub purchase will be less than full-size models.

What is a Walk-in Tub Exactly?

Unlike traditional tubs, a walk-in tub has a special tub door that is fitted with a watertight seal, and usually contains a seat where occupants sit while they are submerged in water. The design of walk-in bathtubs usually includes a handrail to assist with mobility, and may also contain a handheld shower head with an attached hose. 

When occupants are done with their bath, there are controls that drain the water out of the tub so that they may exit when draining is completed. There are also usually other features that make a walk-in tub model more enjoyable depending on the model chosen.

To learn more, check out our walk-in tub guides here.

Best Walk-in Tubs for Small Bathrooms

    Small walk-in tubs come with a variety of different safety features and tub styles, and depending on the model you pick, you may be able to get exactly what you are looking for. Here we have a list of five different models of the best small walk-in tubs which are ideal for many homeowners, so let's take a look:

    Ella's Bubbles Front Entry 32"x40" Walk-in Tub

    Ella's Bubbles Front Entry – Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Tub (32″W x 40″L) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

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    Ella's Bubbles is among the top of the list of walk-in tub companies, and the Front Entry model is the most compact and perhaps the best small walk-in tub available. This is the best walk-in tub for small bathrooms. The tub has a slim design with outward swinging doors, and it is specially designed to be placed within bathrooms with a limited amount of space.

    Although quite small, the tub sports an extra-wide 24-inch seat that will fit the average size bather comfortably. Safe entry and exit in and out of the tub are assured with anti-slip textured flooring with a low 5-inch stepping threshold.

    This sleek and minimalistic walk-in tub also has a unique 3-latch door locking system that assures a very tight waterproof seal, and a door handle that is easy to open. One of the best acrylic tubs, it comes with an optional Hydro Massage system, an inline water heater (so you won't get cold), and eco-friendly ozone sterilization.  

    Additional Options Available

    There is an additional air massage system which is also optional, featuring strategically positioned air-jets for a spa like experience offering therapeutic relief like no other. The system also includes digital controls and an auto-purge feature which engages 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off, automatically.

    Important Features to Consider

    • High-quality acrylic fabrication
    • Stainless steel frame with adjustable leveling legs in different positions
    • Drain opener with an extension handle
    • 2-inch drain with an emergency pull up chain
    • Beautiful high gloss white finish that is quite striking
    • Air and water jets
    • Water tight door

      This is one of the most beautiful and functional best small walk-in tub models with a wide variety of features that are suitable for any home. The walk-in bathtub can be ordered as a massage model or a soaking model. The massage model offers differing hydro, air, or dual therapy massage options. You can also choose the entry door to be fitted with a left or right-side hinge.

      Ella's Bubbles Petite 28"x52" Walk-in Tub

      Ella's Bubbles Petite - Acrylic Inward Swinging Door Walk-In Tub (27.5″W x 52.25″L) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

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      Ella's Petite Model has a number of interesting features including a tub shell being formed in a vacuum from a long-lasting solid acrylic sheet.  Made of a non-porous material with a white gloss finish, the tub is easy to clean and is not susceptible to mildew or mold. Within the acrylic shell, there exists a rust-proof stainless steel reinforced frame with multiple gelcoat and fiberglass mesh layers which create a very durable substructure in the walk-in bathtub.

      The Petite also comes with the unique dual-drain technology consisting of two 2-inch gravity-driven trains with four 2-inch outlets with openers and overflows for reliable fast drainage. The fast raining tub has a reversible end panel for right or left corner installations, with a 60-inch alcove installation panel kit available. These panels make your soaker tub look complete when it is installed. 

      More Options to Think Over

      There are also jetting and therapy options available for the tub including hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, independent foot massage, air-jet massage, and infusion microbubble therapy massage. This model can include up to two jetting systems combined.

      Another option includes the Ella two-piece fast-fill faucet which includes a mounted faucet and pull-out multi-functional hand shower. There is also a lever that controls the temperature of the water.

      Important Features to Consider

      • Seat width of 19.75 in
      • Total 80 second drain time
      • 75 gal unoccupied capacity
      • Door can be removed from hinges
      • Inwardly facing polished stainless steel swing door  
      • Extended lever lock
      • Grab bars

        This walk-in bathtub is on the smaller side but with a number of unique features that make it desirable to specific homeowners.

        Ella's Bubbles Transfer 26 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Tub

        Ella's Bubble Transfer 26 – Outward Swing Door Wheelchair Accessible Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub with 2″ Dual Drain (26″W x 52″L) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

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        For those with mobility issues who are handicapped, these wheelchair accessible tubs have a number of great features you may desire. The Transfer 26 features an L-shaped extra-wide outward swinging door that permits comfortable and easy sliding access for all types of bathers.

        There are four lower-area massaging adjustable jets for your calves and feet. For comfort, tub has a 22-inch wide seat suitable for most bathers. Tub also features an interior sidewall-mounted grab bar and a U-shaped deck mounted grab bar with a textured anti-slip floor for safety. 

        Other Options to Choose From

        You have multiple faucet choices and optional feature controls including a pull-out hand shower for convenience during your bathing experience. Other options include the infusion microbubble exfoliator therapy, hydro massage, soothing air, or dual massage options.
        These are ideal walk-in tubs for those who need wheelchair access for bathing and many features in tubs make it highly desirable and may fit most people's budgets.

        Important Features to Consider

        • High-quality acrylic composition
        • Outstanding color uniformity
        • Attractive high-gloss white finish
        • Reinforced fiberglass
        • Two separate safety grab bars
        • Digital controller  
        • Three separate removable access panels
        • Dual 2-inch drains for quick draining
        • Low-step threshold for safe, easy access
        • Reversible end panel 
        • Stainless steel frame with adjustable legs for leveling

          Meditub 2739 Walk-in Tub

          MediTub 2739 Walk-In-Tub 27 x 39 White Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

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          This Meditub 27"x39" tub model is from a respected walk-in tub company, and has a uniquely designed fiberglass- acrylic reinforced shell with a right-side door. It can be installed in much smaller areas as a laundry room, closet mobile home, or even a shower stall.

          The freestanding design is enclosed on three sides which allows you to have the pleasure of independent bathing luxury wherever you wish. The best small walk-in tub has a stainless steel frame incorporated into its design for long-lasting strength and also features adjustable feet for easy leveling and installation. 

          Safety is Part of the Design

          Walk-in bathtubs provide an independent safe bathing experience for all, sporting the latest in walk-in tubs special crafting materials, and techniques. These high-quality walk-in tubs offer up ADA compliant designs and features suitable for therapeutic use.

          Important Features to Consider

          • Pneumatic button control
          • Cable-operated waste and overflow feature
          • Optional faucet set
          • Anti-slip textured flooring for comfort and safety
          • Outward swinging door 
          • Wall to wall, back to wall, or alcove installation
          • Not included (flange)
          • Fabricated with high-grade Marine Fiberglass with a durable acrylic coating
          • Easy maintenance with removable front access panels
          • 16 air bubble massage injectors which are powered by a 1 horsepower air blower
          • 6 or directional water jets powered by a 1 horsepower pump
          • Friction heater maintains optimal water temperature
          • Meets the standards for UL, CSA, ANSI, and IAPMO
          • Contains up to 50 gal water capacity
          • Built-in grab bars for safety

            Meditub 2646 Walk-in Tub

            MediTub 2646 Walk-In-Tub 26 x 46 Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

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            Meditub 2646 has a compact design that is free-standing, which gives homeowners the freedom to place it anywhere they like, including existing bathtub spaces. Access panels for maintenance cover the sides and are easy to remove or add. The fiberglass construction is coated with triple gel which creates long-lasting stable walk-in tubs that are powerful, creating a feeling of safety while showering or bathing.

            The standard walk-in tub comes with a series of options including hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, air bubble massage system, and aromatherapy. The hydro system features directional water jets that are fully adjustable with water pressure and direction that are individually adjustable.

            This walk-in tub provides an independent bathing experience that is safe and secure using the latest tub crafting methods and is fabricated from industrial-grade materials. The design and features of these walk-in tubs are fully ADA Compliant. 

            Important Features to Consider

            • Pneumatic button control
            • Low 6-inch threshold with 17-inch seat height
            • Grab bars for built-in for safety and security
            • Watertight door is inward swinging
            • Solid stainless steel frame with a total of 8  laser precision supporting points
            • Triple gel-coated marine fiberglass construction
            • Front access panels are removable for maintenance
            • Anti-slip floor is textured
            • Advanced water seal comes with a lifetime warranty
            • Cable operated water flow and waste
            • 16 air bubble injector massage is powered by a 1 horsepower air blower
            • 60 directional adjustable water jets are powered by a 1 horsepower pump
            • Safe for aromatic oils and bathing salts for hydrotherapy
            • 46 gallon water capacity

            Advantages and Benefits of Compact Walk-in Tubs

            Ella's Bubbles Petite - Acrylic Inward Swinging Door Walk-In Tub (27.5″W x 52.25″L) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

            The best advantage of compact walk-in bathtubs is their relatively small size. They will fit in many small bathrooms with less bathroom space where other full-size walk-in tubs just won't. There are also many features that these tubs possess that make them ideal for the disabled and the elderly who are aging in place. 

            Safety is Number One

            Safety is the priority of walk-in tubs and there are many key benefits that the features of a compact will provide. If you are just disabled or are aging in place, mobility is a huge issue.  Walk-in tubs are just that; they have doors that you physically can walk right into many walk-in tubs without having to step over the side of it, preventing injury for those with mobility issues.

            Ella's Bubble Transfer 60 – Outward Swing Door Wheelchair Accessible Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub with 2″ Dual Drain (30″W x 60″L x 42″H) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

            ADA Compliance Prevents Accidents

            The physical safety that comes with a walk-in tub is actually governed by the ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act, and modern walk-in tub manufacturers always comply with these regulations.  

            Accidents in the bathrooms account for 235,000 people being admitted to emergency rooms each year, so it is a genuine issue, and one that is especially important for those with existing mobility issues. Other advantages include tighter stepping areas, and most walk-in tub features have textured floors and seats that permit proper footing for everyone who enters them.

            Reduced Tub Costs

            Small walk-in tubs have fewer installation costs and overall expense is much less than standard walk-in tubs counterparts. If you have wanted one of these small walk-in tubs, tub prices are just more affordable than a traditional tub. Many walk-in tub installations come with a limited lifetime warranty as well, making a replacement of your existing tub a great investment.

              When Considering a Walk-in Tub

              You will have to understand your needs fully before you sit down to order a walk-in tub, and there are a wide variety of different designs and features available. Start by making a list of the features that would be best for you and then compare your list against descriptions of various models of walk-in tubs.

              Once you have found what you are looking for, taking a look at what is available and deciding what walk-in tubs fit your budget is the next step. You may want to consult a professional contractor when installing walk-in tubs if you feel you can't do it yourself.

              To learn more about walk-in tubs, check out our resource page and our walk-in-tub buying guide!