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3 Most Affordable Walk-in Tubs for Your Home

For many homeowners, getting a walk-in tub is an investment in luxury and safety. One of the main reasons people get a walk-in tub is because of mobility issues, as they are disabled or aging in place. Others want a walk in tub to have a taste of luxury to take away their daily aches and pains. 

Traditional walk-in tubs usually have a raised body and smaller frames. However, lay down tubs combine the safety features of walk-in tubs with the design of a traditional lay down tub.  Lay down walk-in tubs feature swinging doors with low step thresholds that permit easy access in and out of the tub. Walk in tub companies also feature the long design of a traditional tub that lets you lay down rather than sit.

What are Walk-in Tubs?

Ella's Bubbles Mobile – Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Tub (26″W x 45″L x 42″H) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

These tubs are made by walk in tub manufacturers with a swinging door that allow you to walk right into the tub rather than step over a high wall. This is an ideal design for those with mobility issues such as the disabled or those aging in place.  The door is placed on the side of the walk in tub where it can be opened either out inwardly and outwardly. 

Traditional walk-in tubs have a side door, seat, and high walls without a long laydown space. A lay down walk-in tub is similar to those in traditional models, but they are combined with a long lay down space instead of a seat and high walls.

The 3 Best Budget Walk-in Tubs

    Ella's Bubble Laydown - Acrylic Walk In Bathtub (30″W x 60″L)

    Ella's Bubble Laydown - Acrylic Walk In Bathtub (30″W x 60″L)

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    This model of walk-in tub is designed in some ways like a traditional tub, yet it has a unique tempered glass inward swinging door, located in the middle, with a brushed finish aluminum frame. This sleek door was engineered to establish a vertical wall tub wall with a wider interior base, as opposed to that of a standard wall tub.

    Ella's Laydown features a low stepping threshold with anti-slip textured floors that will reduce the chances of slipping or tripping when showering, standing in or entering or exiting the bathtub. The tub comes with an optional glass shower screen that makes your tub more shower-like. This 30 x 60 inch model was designed for bathers of average size.

    Ella's walk-in tubs are formed in a vacuum from a solid long-lasting acrylic sheet acrylic. This non porous material is made with a white gloss finish that is impermeable to mold and mildew and is easy to clean. Just under the acrylic shelf lies a rust proof stainless steel frame that is carefully reinforced with gelcoat layers and fiberglass mesh that ensures the durability of the structure of the tub.

    The frame of the tub also has multiple leveling legs that can be easily adjusted during installation for stronger support. The tub features a single 2 inch drain with two 2 inch outlets and an overflow complete with emergency pull up chain. It also includes a cap which covers a drain pipe with configuration of pipes and fittings at the discretion of the licensed plumber or homeowner who installs it.

    This tub also features a limited lifetime warranty with free replacement parts for the lifetime of the original customer. Jetting and therapy options include soaking, hydrotherapy massage system, air jet massage, and infusion microbubble therapy massage in four different combinations.

    The hydrotherapy massage system includes an eco-friendly ozone sterilization hydro pump with an inline water heater, HydroMassage intensity dial control. Also the strategically positioned hydro jet system is engineered for effective and targeted massaging. Inline water heater will maintain the water temperature at a constant level while bathing so you don't get cold.

    It is suggested you upgrade to the largest available 75 gallon water heater to make sure you have enough hot water. The ozone sterilization system is eco-friendly and provides chemical-free disinfection that eliminates a wide variety of inorganic microbiological inorganic. The bacteria sterilization system also is very helpful in eliminating odors and maintaining hygiene.

    The ozone sterilization system engages automatically when the hydro massage push control button is pressed. When turning on the jet mechanism, the hydro massage intensity control dial allows you to adjust the strength of the water stream by adding less or more air into the hydro system. The air jet massage system includes an air pump with 3-speed variable push control.

    MediTub 3060SI Step-In 30 x 60 White Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons

    MediTub 3060SI Step-In 30 x 60  White Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

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    The Meditub 3060 step in tub is specially designed to permit you keep the existing layout in your bathroom. It also features an advanced watertight walk-in tub door system that permits easy access. With this walk-in tub, you can be fully immersed in a whirlpool setting and lie back, relax and enjoy. This walk-in tub permits a full-bodied flat immersion experience.

    Meditub 3060 is fabricated with reinforced acrylic and utilizes the latest in tub crafting techniques and is manufactured with industrial grade materials. The step in tub features ADA compliant designs and features.

    The many features and benefits of the Meditub 3060 SI series include 16 air bubble massage injectors powered by a 1 horsepower air blower, pneumatic button controls, 6 directional adjustable water jets powered by a 1 horsepower pump, a friction heater for level water temperature for comfortable and warm bathing experiences.

    It also has removable front access panels for maintenance, cable-operated waste and overflow, high-grade marine fiberglass with acrylic coating, a solid stainless steel frame with a laser precision support points, ADA compliant safety grab bar, and an advanced GE water seal.

    The tub is also backed by a lifetime warranty, built-in grab bar for added stability, anti-slip textured flooring for comfort and safety, inward swinging door, 7-inch threshold, alcove style installation design, and does not include tile flange or faucet set. Additionally, the water capacity is 40 gallons.

    MediTub 2653 Walk-In-Tub 26 x 53 Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons

    MediTub 2653 Walk-In-Tub 26 x 53 Bathtub, Whirpool & Air Jets Add-Ons - MediTub - Ambient Home

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    Manufactured with perfection, the Meditub 2653 is designed to fit into small or tighter spaces. This model also offers easy entering and exiting of the tub, and it includes a built-in safety bar that clears a 17 in chair height, and an ADA Compliant seat to easily get up and down while in the bathtub. The clever design of this bathtub will let you install it in smaller places where most other soaking bathtubs don't. 

    This tub is manufactured with durable fiberglass complete with a triple gel coat finish, and it also features a rust proof stainless steel frame that provides long-lasting strength while being easily installed.  The Meditub 2653 series has ADA-compliant design features for a secure bathing experience. The tub offers the latest in industrial-grade materials and tub crafting techniques for a well-manufactured tub.

    Some of the benefits and features of the Meditub 2653 series include high-grade marine fiberglass with a triple gel coating, solid stainless steel frame with laser precision support points, built-in grab bar for added safety and stability, anti-slip textured floor for safety and comfort, and an inward swinging door with 6 inch threshold and 17 inch seat height.

    Also included are a built-in tile flange, cable operated waste and overflow, safe for salts and aromatic oils, 16 air bubble massage injectors powered by a 1 horsepower air blower, pneumatic button control, removable front access panels for maintenance, 6 directional adjustable water jets powered by a 1 horsepower pump, friction heater that maintains water temperature for extended warm bathing, and a 55 gallon water capacity.

    Why should I buy a walk-in tub?


    The foremost reason people elect to install a walk-in tub is that they are easier to get into and out of which is ideal for disabled individuals or those who are elderly or older. The side door permits a lower threshold, usually just a few inches high, that lets people easily step into the walk in tub unlike a standard tub design  


    This low threshold feature makes it easy for people to stay safe while they are bathing and not slip and fall as they may easily do with a traditional tub design. Walk-in tubs are designed to make slips and fall very infrequently, if at all. Besides the low threshold, walk in tubs also have built-in handrails and non-slip grip bars that make sure that users are safe and will not fall through normal use.


    Many walk-in tubs offer features that make a bathing experience much more comfortable for the average user. One of the most comfortable features of walk-in tubs are the water jets and air jets. These options are available in many walk-in tubs, and they turn them into a whirlpool tub. These comfort features can also prevent and relieve ailments of many kinds and varieties.

    Value for the Home

    Walk-in tubs are eye-catching and the unique distinguishing features and visual appeal will also boost the value of your home when you are selling it, compared to homes without these bath fixtures. When you are selling your home, many home buyers that are aging-in-place or are disabled may be interested in walk in tubs, and it makes a great selling point.

    To learn more check out our walk-in tub guides here.

    Features of Interest for a Walk-in Tub

    There are a number of features that make a walk-in tub desirable, such as safety features and tub and hardware materials. Lets take a look at what walk in tub companies featured here:

    Ella's Bubble TransferXXXL – Outward Swing Door Wheelchair Accessible Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub with 2″ Dual Drain (36″W x 55″L) - Ella's Bubbles - Ambient Home

    Safety Features

    Installing grab bars in a tub or shower is one of the top recommendations according to the National Institute on Aging. These bars make the home safer and accessible to older residents and those with disabilities. The ADA also recommends handrails and grab bars, and in a modern walk in tub models design, ADA compliance requires them. These bars must be placed and installed in certain positions in the tub. 

    There are also different weight specifications that these grab bars or handrails will have to measure up to. Some manufacturers include anti-slip textured floors.

    Acrylic materials

    Acrylic is the most common material used in walk-in tubs. They are manufactured by heating acrylic sheets in vacuums and shaping them into a mold. Acrylic has advantages that include durability, non-porous composition, and color retention. These advantages result in a long life span for the acrylic tub rather than traditional materials used in walk-in tubs.

    Lay down walk-in tubs are available with many different features. In the market today, there are a wide variety of lay down walk-in tubs, so we have collected a few of them for you to review. 

    When Considering a Walk-in Tub

    If you are at the point of considering getting a walk-in tub, make sure you review all of the available models that you can before you buy. You will want to make a list of the needs you have for and compare the walk in tub features between them to see which one matches up the best. Maybe you will like a certain walk in tub company as well.

    After taking a look at the available designs, you will also have to find out what walk in tubs cost and find one that fits your budget. Many of the designs available of a walk in tub are affordable, yet some come at a much higher price. Lay down models of walk-in tubs cost a lower price than traditional walk-in bathtubs. 

    Once you have arrived at a tub that has all the features that you want, at a price you can afford, contacting a licensed plumber or contractor to perform the work of installing the tub is the next step to take. Once you have an idea of all the costs involved, and you are ready, your licensed plumber or contractor will help you select the tub you want, and then you can make your order.